Things you must do in Hamburg

Germany’s biggest port city, Hamburg is blessed with many cultural landmarks and modern-day architectures but there will always be few nerds like me (street art fans), who will get excited at seeing the colorful splashes on the walls, graffiti or street art on random walls. This post is for the street art lovers like me. Come, join me in exploring quirky street art in Hamburg.

Hamburg’s harbor is the one of the most charming in Europe and the canals of its Speicherstadt or City of Warehouses ( World Heritage Site) are unmissable. The architecture is amazing and there are dozens of beautiful bridges in there. Overall, the maritime spirit of the city is enchanting.

Quirky Street art in Reeperbahn
My favorite from Hamburg!

While cultural trail makes me happy, art is my weakness. If you are in Hamburg in Germany, be ready to stroll down the city for some quirky street art.

No doubt, Berlin is the mecca of graffiti and street art, I visited Hamburg first and was happy to stumble on some quirky creatives. I always aim to find that one neighborhood which is more accepting towards street artists and their vibrant work. And I did find one in Hamburg too.

Street art in Hamburg!

Where is Hamburg?

Hamburg is a gorgeous sea port in the Northern part of Germany. I remember it as a city with great maritime history and lots of bridges and canals. The most memorable and greatest point of interest has to be the umpteen number of canals that give a unique character to the city. The stroll around its UNESCO sites, harbor area and the waterways are the best things to do.

While the whole city has old-world charm blended with modernism kind of vibes about it, one must visit the Altstadt (Old Town), Elbe river, Elbe tunnel, Hamburg Fish Market, the impressive concert venue Elbphilharmonie, the richly endowed museums and the five great churches of Hamburg. Don’t miss the best views of the city from Lombardsbrücke (Lombard Bridge).

Einstein= Street art in Hamburg
Street Art Hunter!

Last but not the least, don’t miss Reeperbahn. The moment you say entertainment, people will suggest you St. Pauli district in Hamburg. It is an entertainment and party place, qualifying as a favorite in the evenings with its buzzing nightlife. I dint go there in the night but preferred day to capture the below street art.

Street Art in Hamburg

Every street art lover would agree with me that the happiness of stumbling on random, unexpected work of arts is thrilling. My eyes keep looking for them at random places and therefore I love to walk. You too got to walk around to find the little and big gems of work. I found these in Reeperbahn in Hamburg. Go and look for them.

Street Art

Street art in Hamburg!

Street Art in Hamburg
Walk around and explore the street art in Reeperbahn

Places to visit in Germany
Walk around every city and look for well-known hotspot for graffiti murals.

Street art celebrates creative minds.

Enjoy my street art stories! If you are looking for a lovely place to stay in Hamburg, do check out YoHo – the young hotel. I had a great stay with them.

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