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BOLD and REAL for me is LIFE itself….

When a tender girl of few pounds, excessively delicate to handle was born in the family, the grandmother took no time to switch to her grimace and glum face. She turned her face away from the ailing Mum because she did not conceive a son. The hate for the girl child on her face must have been dreadful. I was too naive to notice. However, my mom tells me that my Dad acted as a real husband and a bold father. He did not speak his mother’s words but on the contrary was elated at the birth of a girl child. He declared that I would get everything as a daughter and would never be compared to any son in the family. He was quick to send his Mum back home because he dint want the negative vibes around me. The decision was too strong and I am glad that he accepted the reality that his mother was not happy about his daughter and thus he acted fast on it. For years, his family nagged my Mum for not having a son but my father never let any prejudices or presumptions affect me and my Mum. He has been the Hero of my family, the real Hero.

The education given by teachers in the school and the lectures on life by Mommy at home were real for me. They made me what I am today. The lessons they imparted, the real instances they narrated, the marks they gave me and the improvisation they expected from me each day, everything has been Real forever.. With each day their aim was to make me bold  enough to accept the hardships of life.  Education and knowledge is real and bold for me.

‘You are so selfish and egocentric.’ I was aghast when the girl told me on my face. I was taken aback because she was no ordinary girl but my best buddy and I loved to sing and dance in her company. I did not talk to her thereafter but years later I realize she had been real because I had actually acted selfish. I salute her boldness because she had pointed out my eccentricities with no pretense at all. My respect for her is Real because today we are the best buddies again. She does not like my face-book updates nor does she applause my wins, but I know she is the Real one who is my best friend and the best critic.  I guess the critic awards are a better deal than the conventional awards. 

I met him at the office party. He was young, handsome and quite a chirpy one with great sense of humor. I thought we clicked well. No, we dint because he was too quick and real to accept that he had feelings for a person of his own sex.  I am a gay and I am aren’t shy to accept it… he said with no hassles. He put his part soberly but I thought it was blatant because I was not used to hearing it. However, everyone has a right to live a life of his choice and that makes it real. Ofcourse, I feel he had be perfectly real and bold. 

My boss often reiterates the fact that ‘there is nothing called free lunch in India and the hunger pangs are far more piercing that heart-bangs, I concur with his every word because it resonates with realism.  He boldy accepts that we have to slog and that’s the way how the world functions. One needs to earn one’s food.  The feeling and realization of empty stomach/hunger are real.

I approached him for some help and he was absolutely bold and real to answer me back that he needed a favor in return. Its a materialistic world and every one is here to make a deal. Each one needs favors and grants. What comes free isn’t real anymore !! 

Every woman in the society knows that she is second to the men and they have the power to take on her, nab her but every day they step out of the house boldy. Isn’t it all for real that we know there are men on the roads to pounce on us every minute but we dare to face them with our strength and vigour.

An artist’s paintings are real, the layout and goodies in the museum are real, a writers scribbling s are real.  A cry for help is real and the pain after hurt is bold. The phenomenon of Birth is real and so is death. A mother boldly accepts the pain to bear the child and acts real in her motherhood.  A person who is ill and demented physically and mentally gets bold and real to face the music of his health. There is no choice but to accept it and lastly comes death that embraces you with utmost boldness and its all for real. A person has been with you for all your life and suddenly he/she is gone. Its so real and sadly bold. In fact the rest of the world is all made-up!!!

Happy Blogging!!!

4 thoughts on “BOLD and REAL!!

  1. I just love the last para.. it’s like the rhythm.. an ending @ high octave. Kudos!
    All the best for the contest 🙂

  2. I can totally see how these brave, bold and real people have left an indelible impression in your life.
    Great post.

  3. I would like to repeat what Ankita has said in the comment above…the concluding para is soul-stirring….lovely post!!! All the best for the contest 😀

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