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Cricket, Cheers and Champions! My favorite is KKR!

Everyone’s talking about two things this month… First the summers have arrived and second the season of entertaining cricket. The T20 Premier League 2014, the 7th version of the most unpredictable form of cricket has taken everyone in its attention. The twenty overs match is generally an adrenaline rush kinda game where many ups and downs are expected in a short frame of time. Dramatic turn-arounds are the forte of this game.

The batman needs to charm the audience by his big terrific fours and sixes and the bowler needs to pull off a wicket after every four overs. The fielder has to mantain an eagle’s eye and jump up in the air and pounce on the ball to aim the unattainable sometimes. Thats actually about these cricket premiere leagues, the new form of cricket. And if you thought that was it, there is more when the bollywood songs play in the background with glamorous cheerleaders walking to the stage.

Since its inception, the T20 teams have been owned by rich celebrities adding to the oomph and the X factor to the game. I love this combination of sports with Bollywood charms, and my favorite team is the one which dwells on the Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo peppy slogan.  I have always been fond of Bengali language and rosgulla. And this team which represents Kolkata wins my heart for the place it stands for. Another very significant reason is that the owner of the team is my favorite and Bollywood’s hearthrob, the unchallengeable Badshah, King Khan. He is an extremely hardworking person and believes in exemplary display of work. I am sure he must be an inspiration for the players and ofcourse a great entertainer when the team lauds him with the win in return. X factor of the team is amazing.

The team boasts of one of the world’s best all rounder player’s Jacques Kallis.  He is a treat to watch play live.

The bowling coach of team Kolkata is another favorite player of mine, Wasim Akram.  He has been a champion player of his times and his bowling attack skills and lessons for sure are world best.

The captain Gautam Gambhir is a sweet, sober and dynamic player who has not been doing good this season but he is no less.

If you thought the team didn’t have fashionable players, the hairstyle of Sunil Narine, ace bowler is an attraction of the season. The dude’s got a style and he is a great bowler too, watsay?

Anyone who has followed cricket this season, I am sure he/she would have not missed Chris Lynn’s wonderful catch at the fence which was no less than an acrobatic super performance. So far it has been the best catch of the tournament and indeed it deserves to be one.

Knights in purple have not been doing great but still I cheer for them because champions should not give up trying till the last end and I am sure Gautam Gambhir’s team will take their revenge and be the best.

 Below picture is from the recent cricket match of the Premier League, thus I believe in following and cheering for my favorites.  Cricket is a sports of fun and extreme passion.

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One thought on “Cricket, Cheers and Champions! My favorite is KKR!

  1. It was fun reading it 🙂
    Gauti is my fav. player but now his game disappoint me.
    IPL is in the air these days…Nice pic 🙂

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