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Winning is making a glorious start to another dreamful journey!

 Winning is the theme of the thirteenth edition of India Today Conclave.

INDIA TODAY CONCLAVE is a global platform where IDEAS are given birth naturally, debated hard and celebrated brutally. This year too the speakers list at the fest is absolutely drool-worthy. Check here!



As I sat to pendown my thoughts on winning, I was inundated with winning voices. The word in itself is so powerful. Winning stands for many things to me. I have shared my five creative thoughts in the form of quotes, pins and collage.

‘Winning is not just one thing but many. It is a tempting finish to one and glorious start to many other dreamful journeys.’

If anyone said its not about results, they would be lying. Honestly, the three letter word ‘WIN’ is alluring. Who doesn’t love to hold the trophy, lead the crowd and be called a winner? We all do! But to be there and live the moments of the glorious win, one must have a heart to tread the journey. The way you do it makes the difference.

When you start something, you wish to finish it. The thought itself is about winning. The inner urge and the undying passion teaches us many lessons. My journey to winning introduced me to vision, hard-work, motivation and dedication. The desire to be called a winner influenced me to see my shortcomings and work on my deficiencies. The three powerful attributes, ‘Patience, Confidence and Commitment’ came to my rescue till I was declared the best. And then finally, Winning itself made me realize that it isn’t about one stop, the journey is endless. One win led me to another. 

‘Winning is a journey to the other side of a learning spectrum. Every step forward is a winner’s leap.’

At the different junctions of the forward journey, I learnt to introspect, judge my own self and appreciate my efforts. The journey to winning is like traveling from one end to another. Also every step teaches something good.

Moreover winning means never stopping. Yes! it holds true because if winning meant the last stop, we would all be standing still. Everyday, we evolve, we do things that is no less than winning, its just about our different aspirations, trysts and perceptions. We just don’t stop and sit back when we win, we embark another journey more confidently.

Winning is about declaring defiance. Its about breaking the rules and doing things differently.’

When I look around myself and think about my day, I feel that winning is about living each day. Its about declaring our defiance towards life. It is about standing up for ourselves. We meet challenges at every step, we face them and walk through them without realizing that we just knocked them off, thats my idea of winning too. Now everyone has a unique way of dealing with his/her ordeals, thus the trends are broken every minute. Winning definitely has no rules and it is about breaking the old patterns.

Winning is about looking beyond the eyes.

The real inspiration for winning comes from sports where it is required to be played with hands, heart and mind. The complete inning needs to be well planned and executed. One got to do something more. The things that worked out last time may not make you a winner every time. Just the way its in real life too, winning is no magical mantra, you do something on set patterns and come out victorious. It requires conviction to look beyond thats visible to the eyes. Its still not there, you got to make it happen!

Last but not the least,

Winning is also about celebrating with the winner which is not always You.’  Lovingly I dedicate a poem to my thought.

When my friend Wins,
I win too.
It’s the people, who declare me beaten,
But I am adamant, I have not lost.
Every Winner deserves the applaud,
And I happily cheer for my friend.
I did not win, I did not cry,
I do not see it as my defeat,
My urge to win has flamed up by leaps and bounds,
Winning is a glorious journey,
It is not about being one up.
When I win, I get beaten still,
If I have none by my side,
For me winning is about celebrating with the others,
It is about being grounded and not losing hold on the ground.

This is my entry for the blogging contest organized by Indiblogger and India Today Conclave.

CONCLAVE of Winning Voices, 2014

2 thoughts on “Winning is making a glorious start to another dreamful journey!

  1. Wonderful thoughts there, Manjulika and such a heartfelt poem to sum it all up. Loved reading it, best wishes for the contest. 🙂

    1. Very apt thoughts well-expressed, Manjulika. Winning is all this & more 🙂 Poem is so true!
      Winning is about celebrating! Also cheering & acknowledging the winner 🙂 Best wishes 🙂

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