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CONCLAVE of Winning Voices, 2014

After having attended two fantabulous events organized by India Today Group in 2013, I can bet they always put up a great show. Mind Rocks and Agenda AajTak were simply scintillating. They rocked with great energies. It was a memorable experience to hear, see and meet people of great caliber. If you have read my last posts, you would know it was at these events that I got to see and hear some great personalities very closely and I grabbed a chance to talk to my favorite actor Shahrukh Khan too, one of the most cherish-able moment it will always be.

Now, the most awaited event of the season CONCLAVE is here. The countdown has already begun. Mark the dates, 7th and 8th March 2014.  The theme of this year is WINNING.


We live in the world of people who have always be termed as God’s most intelligent creations. Its the people around whom we grow from a toddler to a mature one. People around us have always been a great source of inspiration in our life. All along we are taught to read, learn about people of the past and observe people of the present. Very soon when we learn to reason out, we begin to adulate some and disapprove some. Ever wondered why? Our senses select them as winners. They showcase great winning attitude towards life! Winning for me is to have the right attitude to do the simplest of things in a great way!

I believe, Every successful man or woman has someone to look forward to in life. Among the multitude of things happening around us, most of it is done by people. Each one performs his work but there are some who put in exemplary effort to do the extraordinary. Ever wondered whats distinct about each one of them? Its not just the name or looks but their thoughts, their actions, their work and their charismatic aura that takes on the others. They grow and they inspire others too to tread the path of success. We know them by different names. We call them starry eyed, otherworldly, thinkers, visionaries, Utopian etc but they are very much humans like us and mind you their journey has never been easy. What differentiates them is that they have kept the flame burning and not let their WINNING VOICE die. 

Winners are those who do not rest till they Win!!!

When I read newspapers, magazines, books, I usually love to read about people and their works. With dreams in my eyes, to be among them one day I always look for ways to meet the people who may not be the sole best but are definitely above the rest.

I am definitely looking forward to this event and following it closely.

INDIA TODAY CONCLAVE  is a much talked about platform where Nobel laureates, spiritual & corporate heads, economists, authors, academicians, scientist, strategists, activists, directors, actors and sportsmen will come together to discuss great IDEAS.

The guest list is huge and absolutely awesome.  I am sure each one will enthrall the audience.  Check here.

Some of the speakers who are my personal favorite and I really want to hear their winning talk are as below. Wish me luck. For this I have also participated in the blogging contest organized by INDIA TODAY My other post about WINNING can be read here.

Winning is making a glorious start to another dreamful journey!

 Amitabh Bachchan: Living Legend, Bollywood Actor
 Arun Shourie : Journalist, Politician and Economist, Serial Crusador
 Anil Agarwal : Metainnaire
 Andrian Levy : Chronicler of Terror
 Maysoon Zayid : America’s first muslim women stand up comedian, Laughter Therapist
 Kalki Coechlin: Iron Butterfly
 Deepika Padukone : Superstar Actress Bollywood
 R. Radhakrishnana : Scientist & ISRO Chairman
 Ranjit Sinha : Director, CBI
 Vasundhara Raje : Royal scion – first woman CM of Rajasthan
 Jairam Ramesh : Politician, Economist
 Anil Agarwal : Mining Millionnaire
 Ahmed Rashid : Terror Tracker
 Hooman Majd : Journalist, Writes on Iranian affair
 Jean Yues Le Gall: French Engineer, Space Warrior
 Andrian Levy : Journalist – The Guardian
 Kamila Shamshie: Pakistani Novelist
 Aatish Taseer: Freelance Journalist, Author, Identity Seeker

Happy Blogging !!!

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