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Westin, the 'STORY' and the Girl's Night Out!

Now, THURSDAY can be fun too!

If the above pictures have enticed you into a party mood, lets start from answering whom do you love to party with?

Boys would just say they need ‘boys’ or ‘boys and girls’ or ‘girls’ to gang up and hook on hookah. That’s about boys! Women will take their own time to answer this one. Being one myself, I know we are fussy about our gang we chill out with. The truth is women do not get pally with unknown people and they generally prefer to be in the comfort of boyfriend, girl-friends and family. Being in the safe company is a prime concern and let me be honest not all friends make a cool party gang.

My husband loves to hang around with his office colleagues while I prefer to cling with my school/college or blogger friends. (Wavelengths matter.) I have always maintained a very reclusive image in my office and I restrict my lunch-gang to 2-3 people. To everyone’s surprise, I enjoy hanging around with my hubby’s colleagues/friends because they never fall short of reasons to declare a ‘party night’. They believe in working hard and partying harder. I am not much of a party person but its pretty ‘cool’ to be the most ‘uncool’ among these party freaks. For a change, I join them once in a month because its fun to break from the monotony and go for sweet indulgences.

So last week, when I got an invite to be at the “Hello Jello” Ladies Night  at STORY Club and Lounge of Westin, I was not sure if I wanted to go for this. Hubby was work-tied and I could not think of a comfortable company for myself until I thought of my husband’s friends (mine too) A and K. Well, well, the girls are super fun and awesome. The moment I shared the plan with them, they were in with absolutely no ifs and buts. See, I told you they love to party!

Westin Gurgaon has freshly introduced a very lively and vibrant night for the vivacious ladies and this is planned for every Thursday of the week. Its STORY Club and Lounge hosted its first Ladies Night on Thursday, May 7th, 2015 with celebrity DJ Gauri and I got a chance to experience the inaugural fun.




 I came over from Delhi and my two friends A and K joined me from Gurgaon. The girls were back from their office by 8-30 p.m. and were completely charged up for the Ladies Night at Westin. The twist was my hubby (the poor guy) was attending meetings in his office and I was having fun with his colleagues. It was one of the days when we supported the voice- ‘Why should boys have all the fun?’

When we landed at Westin, the guard guided us to the STORY lounge that is next to the parking area and has a separate entrance to it which we never notice before. A few steps inside, there is a lift on the left that takes you to the first floor above PREGO. When we stepped in the lounge, pretty ladies were already around. A few were accompanied by men but majorly it was a girl’s gang that was all decked up in the party mood.

I was met by the marketing people of Westin and they gave us a warm welcome indeed. The first thing that caught my eye about the place was they were no men at the other side of the bar. It was the female bartenders who were taking care of the drinks. Next, the aesthetics of the lounge were impressive. Its adorned in modern taste. No doubt, it looked beautiful in glittering golden with the red light in the

The beats playing behind were fun and DJ Gauri had yet not stepped in. My friends ordered their drinks and soon we found a cozy corner for ourselves. The environment helped to get into the de-stress mode after a pestering day. We talked about work and the awaited newness in life. At the same time, we ordered some bites to make up for the dinner time. 

 A and K love to come for buffets at Westin and I always relish their specialties during the food festivals. A was quick to point out that the food menu had one special food named after ‘STORY’ in each section. She got us curious and quickly ordered ‘The STORY chicken tikkas’ and  trust me they were absolutely yum. Specially the filling inside the tikka was delightfully juicy.  We savored the taste more with our drinks. Since I am not much of a cocktail person, Initially I did go for white wine but later ordered a strawberry minus the vodka for myself.  A has a fondness for white wine and K found her liking in STORY Margarita. They were ‘on the house’ drinks especially for the ladies.



As we ate, music beats became louder and DJ Gauri took charge of  the evening. Everyone in their pretty best was going about the drinks slow and steady. None rushed in to take to the dance floor. Tipsy moments were far away. Seriously, it was one of the most sober crowd that I had seen. We were enjoying the music and as soon as we were done with the small bites of chicken and tortillas, we became the trend-setters. We were the first to walk  to the dance-floor and go tapping . Soon more ladies gangs and their men friends got in their dancing shoes. A funky and chilled out atmosphere descended as the music kept flowing. Honestly, DJ Gauri was good but not the best.

Its a good thought on Westin’s side to come up with ‘STORY’ for Ladies night. This will help females to gang up and chill together. Personally I do not encourage over intake of alcohols but dancing till the last beat is super fun. Go Girls! From safety point of view too, its felt comfortable to see more of females around.

In the NCR corporate culture, its all about 5 days of neck-deep work and 2 days of de-stressing, thus Thursday night is a great idea to balance the week and  welcome the weekend a little ahead with some drinks, merry making, and dancing around with friends.

At around 11 p.m. DJ Gauri announced an exciting contest of ‘Prettiest Face of the Evening’ at the event. We took it seriously right away and many of us participated by clicking selfies. The winning prize was enticing. It offered an exclusive stay at the Presidential Suite for 2 days.  (I am not sure if the results are out)

For the next 1 hour, we did some more light dancing and left around 12 in the night. After all it was a working day for next day. Otherwise, the timings for STORY are 06:00 pm till 02:00 am, every night. On our way back home, A and K were already planning a birthday bash party in STORY and I was giving them suggestions. I felt nostalgic about the college days when life used to be all about friends.  Also, this was my first lounge visit minus my husband, I usually love to hang around with him. Of course I missed him but this opportunity had really helped me to bond with A and K more. They are seriously sweet girls.

 Thanks Westin people for calling me and being really warm to my friends too.

There is MORE FUN indeed!

Every Thursday, STORY club will be inviting popular and happening female DJs playing for the ladies. There is an enticing special offer that include 50% off on the drinks other than ‘on the house bar menu’ for the ladies, and 20% off for men.

Ladies will love to dress for the night! The ‘Best Dressed Female’ will be given an opportunity by STORY to avail the offer of a spa massage and participate in a weekly raffle for a Brunch or Dinner for 2 in any of The Westin Gurgaon’s venues.

I would suggest they should arrange for transports (only drop) for only – female gangs. This can really be a great way to put the ladies absolutely at ease and let them enjoy the Thursday Nights.

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  1. Seems like a tempting place Manjulika. Will give it a try on next visit to Gurgaon. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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