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Discovering the magic of colors and woods with Asian Paints

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I am just back to my home in the capital and I am badly missing nature’s bliss and tranquility of the woods.  The stay in the colorful village of Gunehar in Himachal Pradesh was a beautiful experience. There I learnt about a very interesting project called ShopArtArtShop and trust me ever since I have discovered about it, the creative cells of my mind and body have been on a restless run. Since I am an artist too, I was driven by the idea to create or re-invent something unique and interesting. The urge was so strong that I made a promise to myself that I would immediately start up with decoration and refurbishment of my room the moment I will be back.  Now, who knew that Asian Paints would read my mind and send me an Asian Paints Wood tech kit to play with woods and style my furniture. While I was away they sent me a very interesting bag which is like one-stop kit or pit to everything wood!


Woodtech Studio, Asian Paints, Woods, Furniture
Wood finishes to choose from



Wood will not just be wood now, it can have many interesting finishes to it. One can paint it in many colors. I am excited to do a few experiments but let me start with my favorite one. I love collecting chairs and stools of all shapes and sizes and someday I am going to use them all to accommodate people in my creative studio which is going to be about art, music, writing, reading and more.  I bought this sofa chair twelve years ago and even after a decade I refuse to part with it. Its been a part of my house decor in many ways. From its early shining days in the drawing room, to the next few years in the living room, now it sits peacefully in one corner of my study room. I love its royal and round look and therefore I want to give it a fresh leash of life.


My Statement furniture Wood Tech-Asian Paints
My Statement furniture Wood Tech-Asian Paints





Having read through their Woodtech technology, I am convinced that my furniture will regain its sheen and shine.  The range of products and colors they possess is much more than my imagination. The Woodtech Palette includes colored wood finishes as well as luxury lines of Emporio and Polyester. The PU Palette boasts of a sweeping range of 150 stylish shades and I am totally bowled over. It was all the more impressed when I learnt that Woodtech Palette Emporio is heat resistant and stain resistant and has a non-yellowing property as well. Available in six variants, Emporio PU’s promises accelerated drying, high caliber hardeners to withstand deep impacts and chipping and endless beauty. The Polyester coating imparts a luxury finish of crystal clear transparency that protects the wood surfaces with a high endurance glaze of gloss. I absolutely know what I want for my statement furniture.


Teak, Mahogany, Wood
As per your wood type


Steps to follow

1)     First  I will go with the wood insulator with Polyester Insulator.

2)     Apply coats of white sealer.

3)     After drying it,  I will go for an interesting color from the palette.

4)     I will choose the top coat ( Polyester gloss, Emporio Clear gloss/ matt) as per the paint of my room


If you are looking for supreme aesthetics and technological expertise for your old but beautiful furniture, I would definitely recommend a visit to the Asian Paints signature store in your city ( Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata).


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  1. More than anything, I liked the chair very much. 🙂

    I also like to do some DIY things but occasionally. Will definitely like to try my hands with Asian Paints.

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