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A beautiful destination, OMAN is still on my mind…

When I told people that I was travelling to Oman, I got three categories of responses – ignorance, bemusement and encouragement (from those who’d been there and knew of its outrageous beauty). To my dismay, most of the responses I got belonged to first two categories, but I’d heard and read enough about Oman to know that there was much more truth in the third. I’d been to desert destinations before – Riyadh and Dubai – but I was excited by how much more Oman had to offer than stretches of sand.

It certainly added to my enthusiasm that Oman’s Ministry of Tourism would be taking care of all the arrangements for my trip. It was one of those times that being a blogger really paid off. When the Sultanate’s tourism department decided to woo Indian travellers of India, they chose an interesting way to educate and build curiosity around Oman by organising a national-level blogging contest. Well to write a blog around the unseen was challenging, but my sights were set on the trip. To my luck, my blog post made it to the coveted three (you can check it out here).

So, did Oman live up to my expectations? Yes it did, and more…

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