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If you swear by Fresh Food, go for FRSH in Gurgaon!

Its hearty, its healthy!

Last week I had a special invite for food tasting and review. Unlike others where I can only chose between lunch or dinner time, here I had complete mandate to go for it anytime. Also, I did not have to travel rather the food was supposed to reach me. Aah, I know just like you are thinking, I was apprehensive too. When it comes to ordering food, I can’t live without thinking about the hygienic packaging, timely delivery, depletion in taste and freshness of the food when it travels, quality of food being delivered, etc.   Thankfully, there are people and brands who are carefully working to ensure satisfaction about it all.

Read about my experience with FRSH…

Guess what I had !!!

Hubby has his work location in Cybercity. I had a meeting in Gurgaon. So whenever I am in Gurgaon we drive back home together to Faridabad. That day, giving a miss to my favorite eateries that are lined up at the twinkling Cyber-Hub, I nudged hubby dear and asked him ‘How about some  SALADs today?   He was all game for it. He thought I would go home and do the making. Really? Well to his dismay, I had no plans as such. Moreover, it isn’t hard to find reasons when the lady of the house is in no mood to cook.

But when you have a blogger in the family,  you can always expect some foodie treats. Instantly I educated him about the online food options from FRSH and in next five minutes, he scanned the site and was back with a declaration. Yes, the salads on their site are really tempting, I have made my choices! And if they turn out to be really good as they look, I would be really happy to discover a place for online orders to take care of my evening hunger pangs. 

And I ordered 6 items guilt-free. Check their site and you will know why. Yes, every item shows you the calorie count. So if you know you have not been over eating all day, you can always do the pampering to yourself in the form of interesting salads, shakes, sandwiches and more.  Here is my list…

  • Alphonso Mango Pista shake
  • Curd Rice
  • Pan tossed Cottage cheese with exotic vegetables
  • Mexican bean salad
  • Vietnamese Grilled Chicken Salad
  •  Veg Seekh Kebab Sandwich
Bura mat Khao

There are time-slots to place your order and the preparation and delivery time is one hour. So when I placed my order at around 5.50 p.m, everything was perfectly delivered at hubby’s office in Cyber city, building number 9 at sharp 7 p.m.

Now we had a plan. Instead of eating the ordered food in the office premises, we decided to carry them back home to have dinner with mom-in-law. She is not much into salads but appreciates its healthiness. We couldn’t keep our hands off the mango-shake on the way and thus I have no pictures of it. But let me tell you it was yum, absolutely fresh and delicious.  We were growling with hunger and the moment we reached home, it was time to unpack the salads and sandwiches. Thankfully, none of the items needed a microwave! As the name says…

The packing was sturdy. The spoons and forks were of good quality. All the food came in white transparent boxes and with a green sliding lid on the top. The salads, sandwiches, juice and curd rice looked absolutely awesome but when we dug in,  the claim of Frsh came out true.  The salad was absolutely filling and the taste lived up to our expectations.  Mum-in-law loved the curd rice. The spices were amazingly good! Since I am the only non-vegetarian in my family, chicken salad was only meant for me. Rest we all shared and trust me we discussed for long on nutrition, freshness of food over good taste.


Vietnamese Grilled Chicken Salad— Go for it if you are into chicken! Pan Tossed Cheese Salad– Makes you all the more hungry Curd Rice with Spices— Authentic flavors Sandwiches were just as fresh as home-made

If you have been thinking of getting rid of your junkie indulgences and unhealthy munching habits in office, in your PG or in your house, do go for FRSH in Gurgaon. I enjoyed the food and was impressed by the highest standards of quality.

A suggestion to make-

If they could replace the plastic boxes with something else, it would be great. I know its tough because plastic is best option but that would indeed help them ‘Go Green’. And more, I would love to have them in Faridabad soon. But yes, Noida has lots of office and there people  are deprived of good, healthy options in office. FRSH, head to Noida first!  🙂


Lets know the background story and appreciate the efforts!

Started by two graduates from IIT Delhi, FRSH is an angel funded food company that has been founded with the aim to make fresh and healthy food accessible to urban India.
FRSH is also leading the food tech revolution in India. It takes orders only online and is making the entire system at the back end tech enabled and fully automated.
It wants people to indulge guilt free in good taste every day without compromising on hygiene, convenience and health. Unlike junk food, items like Poha, Salads, Curd Rice, Fresh Fruit Juices and Freshly Cut Fruits provide a healthy alternative to people who are busy and end up skipping meals often. 
 You can check out the entire menu here :
Whenever you go for them, do let me know how was your experience.  I am all ears!

10 thoughts on “If you swear by Fresh Food, go for FRSH in Gurgaon!

    1. Yes, u may try FRSH since you live in Gurgaon. I found it good n suggested a few friends too. They enjoyed it. Great u provided info about biodegradable food boxes, FRSH should find out about them.

  1. I tried frsh long back, i think on the day it was lauched, they put a stall in cybercity, Katal food at katal rate in gurgaon, even on that they they were giving some discounts also.

  2. Hey Manjulika ,
    There are another food startup gurogaon based its also provide good foods. A Bachelor’s Kitchen is for all the people out there who face difficulty in managing their everyday food. Since bachelors are the prime victims, we named it “BACHKITCH”. A kitchen where you do not have to cook for yourself, rather a unique online platform from where you can order a meal, made as good as home, cooked and delivered with hygiene keeping your health as priority

  3. I tried frsh few days back, the food is good there is no doubt but the meal for Bachelors who working on out location from homes there is another good food provider called its providing best meal and giving 25% off on its launch… you can grab the coupon following this link. enjoy good food 🙂

  4. Hiii…Manjulika Pramod…
    Good to know healthy choices are available here..I defintely want to visit there as you said its Fresh and yummy…In the pictures it seems Delicious especially Curd rice with spices and the sandwiches…
    Thanks for sharing this lovely information with us…
    Keep posting!!!!

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