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A Tribute to Mothers: MUMs will be MUMS… I love them all.

She was never fond of cleaning the messes that she did not create.
She was not one of those who could sacrifice everything to anything.
She hated to be awake till late nights.
She would never compromise on her pinks and blues.
She was always a delicate beauty not a Super-woman.

For Parentous, this time I wanted to write for Mothers. They are the most beautiful creations of the world and we must not take them for granted. They sacrifice so much for us. I have shared some interesting and simple stories, read about Magical Mum,  Mango Mumma,  Mum who goes sleepless,  Mum goes the white way and the Super Mom.  

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                               A Tribute to Mothers

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7 thoughts on “A Tribute to Mothers: MUMs will be MUMS… I love them all.

  1. Every Girl is precious as they are creator of Life after GOD .we should never forget their sa
    crifices as a mother for us..

    1. Yes True Sir, Every girl lives like a princess in her house but taking up the role of mother actually calls for so many sacrifices…and she does them for her child.

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