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From The Eye of My Mind

A SWEET BOOK that makes you fall in love with Books and the art of reading and writing.

My thoughts:

I loved reading this book. Every time I had to leave the book, I had an urge to come back to it asap.  Its written for the special children and their parents who have to go out of the way and do things differently  than normal parents.  The author brings out the best in the story by keeping it very simple and giving it a natural flow.  It also tells us how a special child thinks and behaves and how he or she sees the world from his mind and eyes. It will definitely fill the readers with after-thoughts. (Introspective in nature)

Message :

Autistic people need social acceptance and this books shows many right ways in which it can be done. They have rights to lead a social life and they are to be handled with care, with love and with patience.

First Few Words:   Its simple, its beautiful, its charming, its emotional and its soul- touching.

Author:                 TGC Prasad  

Publisher:               Random House India

Story-line :         Mallika is a special child. She is an eighteen year old girl who behaves and thinks differently.  She is very intelligent and remembers everything that she reads. She loves to read anything to everything.   She does not talk to strangers and she is very particular about her  habits and routines.  When her brother decides to get married, she gets pissed off because she cannot come to terms with the fact of having a stranger in her house. The story revolves around Mallika, her wonderful parents, her brother Ananth and his wife Julie.  A special mention to Subbu and Swati because they make Mallika’s great friends.      

Thumps Up:   The Cover page is sweet, simple and soothing. It conveys the best.  In fact I wished to see Mallika but the flowers looked lovely too. I took a liking for the title as well. The caption of the chapters were interesting, the best words picked from the story. The family described in the story seems like next door neighbors or someone amongst us. Pa and Ma, the parents set an example for all other parents of special children. I liked  the way Mallika collected information in her mind and loved reading all the instances or stories she talks about, it made me learn many new things.  The lyrics from the famous songs have been used up aptly in the story.

Thumps Down: Nothing in particular. I would have loved to read more on it. I was not happy about the fact that Julie had to quit job to make peace with Mallika.

USP-  It succeeds in sending across the wonderful message that its written for.  It makes a soulful read. Its engaging and equally entertaining. It about life, different people and their different ways of thoughts and living. Some of the questions raised by Mallika are actually very sensible and we so called normal people fail to answer them because we have got so used to the world and its non-nonsensical opinions about Caste system,  Reason to vote, Sex etc.

Don’t Miss This One. Its Sweet.

Happy Reading!!

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    Hmmm, looks like a sweet and meaningful read. I’m taking your word for it Manjulika and will be buying this book pretty soon. Hope it gives me great company 🙂 🙂 🙂

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