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C for Cakelicious

Today,  a few hours before I add on a new number to my age, I am flooded with Cakelicious thoughts.  Yes! its CAKE time because birthday is right here and there isn’t anything thats coming to my mind.  I am missing my parents. Daddy would always bring small and beautiful cakes for me. Hubby has also never failed me in the last two years. Hope he doesn’t ever and always Caresses and Pampers me well!!! …..

Sitting on my couch, I am trying to remember all the shapes and cakes that I have cut in all these years. And I notice the irony of life, the birthday cake is always the one that you don’t choose on your own.  Its either your friends or family members who do it.  Wish they could read my mind this year.  I have been thinking of some really smart and creative flavors.

Laizy Daisy Cake

Mocha Mystery Cake

Greenilicious Apple Cake

Moonlight Chocolate Cake

Banana Split Laugh Cake
I am longing for some creamy, chocolaty cake full of cookie crumbs and I don’t mind some mouth watering cup cakes too…

I am not done yet.  I googled some great bakes and have chosen some beautiful cakes for myself.



Happy Blogging!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂

7 thoughts on “C for Cakelicious

  1. Hey cake-licious…yummy..ur quite a cake google and now I knw whom to ask bout cakes. Happy wala budday in advance…love it:)

  2. That spring cake looks amazing!
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