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Be Brave, Be Bold

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B reminded me of Buddha and I have a lovely quote to share from him…

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”


I have tried to put together a poem making maximum use of words beginning with Alphabet B.

I am participating in A-Z blogging challenge 2014


He was beguiling and charming,
She loved and trusted him,
He belittled and bickered at her,
It behooved her to be very cautious,
He betrayed her with his barbaric ways,
He banned her movements.
She did not blanch nor blink in fear.


She felt a kind of bereavement away from her loved ones,
But she did not bemoan the wrong done to her,
She fought to find a stand in her marriage, no less than a bane.
She believed in herself,
She wasn’t baffled with the baleful look of his eyes,
She refused to balk to his demands too.


She slapped the buffoon,
What a bravado act it was!
She acted strong, courageous and brash.
She mustered courage and gave him back in bountiful,
She brought an end to the bout of physical traumas,
She was no more meek and timid, but had become bold and brave.


Happy Blogging!!!



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