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Trading spaces

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a member of the opposite sex for a day? What do you think life would be like?”


God thought I was patient, caring, sacrificing and much more, thus he made me a woman in this man’s world. Honestly! it has not been a cakewalk in the prying eyes on the road but then I haven’t wondered ever how it would be ‘to be a man’.

There have been many instances when I have definitely given a deep thought that why is our country so fond of men. What is that fascination we have for the sons even before they are born, the grannies simply go wild crazy! Don’t they?

So lets trade places today. What if one day I waked up early and found myself a member of the opposite sex.  First thing, I will sleep again!


Because its too early, its still 6 in the clock and thats not my time to be awake. I ask myself, Do I have something to do in morning? Not really! There are no breakfasts to prepare, no lunches to pack and no fuss to deal with the maids too. Aha! I can sleep till 8. The mobile snoozes at least thrice before I am wide awake. Soon I realize, there is no time to lose. When I get up next, ablutions do not take much, I can always skip bathing…suddenly I do not feel unclean and then I smack on the sumptuous breakfast. Soon I am off to the office. Oh man! the traffic sucks. I honk and race through the roads.  

There are already calls buzzing on my phone and my boss is waiting for the proposal that I am supposed to send by the first half.  Suddenly the pressure from the workplace comes seeping in my mind.  Its a rat race!

In the office, first thing I do is I grab a cuppa of coffee while I download the mails. I am drained driving all the way.  The boss is already there and he is giving me those looks that I am late again.. It doesn’t bother me much. After all the late night stays, over time work and getting no appreciations for the same,  I have stopped bothering.  I look at Mrs. Colly and she smiles back. I wonder how often she revamps her wardrobe. I try to recall when was the last time when I brought a shirt and a trouser for myself and then I realize, I have  sufficient shirts.  I feel jealous of the girls around, they have so many options to work out the variety in their dressing up. They can wear all colors too. I cant imagine a guy in a green shirt with a red pant.

I slog through the proposal and send across. But then I aren’t happy with what I have done.  I know I can do more but then I have been holding grudges against him  because he has chosen the wrong person for the onsite project. Its me who deserved it more. In sometime, there is a mail of appreciation from Mr. Thakker, thats so rare and I am already in to offer a helping hand to him to stay late and help him in the new proposal.

In sometime, the mobile rings on a soft note and reminds me that I have pending bills to pay. My wifey must be busy otherwise she would have already given me enough calls to check on me if I have been working or whiling away. But the bills,  I have been postponing it for sometime now. Oh gosh! I realize soon the last date for one of them has already gone past. Now, more than the half day is gone and its time to head for the lunch. I recollect my plan for the second half and its tight packed already with two meetings to attend back to back. 

The lunch tastes yum and thats one time when I wanna call and tell my wife  but soon I am interrupted with a friends call. He is been married a few months ago and he is already facing side effects of marriage. We discuss some real gyan where I have more to share and put in. He is really impressed the way I have been handling everything and I swoon with happiness… at-least someone has some words of appreciation for me.

The two meetings require me to talk and listen and by the time I am done, I already see the females packing their bags.  Its time when the office calls for the day officially but there is a long day before me.  Before my marriage, I would love the idea of staying late in the office but now I cribbed to be back home soon. However, the good thoughts don’t work out for me, I know I can’t do that as I have a proposal to complete. I know wifey will be bugged again but then I have got used to it and even she.

Soon, there are very few who are left in the office and there aren’t any females. Wifey has called twice to find out when would I be back home and sadly I have no answer to it. I had presumed Mr. Thakker would stay and help me out  but he has already gone home thinking that I would complete and send him once its done. Once again I am flooded with thoughts against the corporate world, maybe I should go for a job change but next moment I pamper myself with the thought of the promised promotion. Of course the salary matters, there are so many things to do before I quit.  When its about money, the thoughts nip the restlessness in the bud itself. Suddenly the job looks jazzy.

By nine, I am done with everything and its time to hit the roads again. It isn’t late. There isn’t any fear. I am aren’t a woman who would have men passing lewd comments on me nor do I have the tension of rushing home. I am not supposed to prepare food for the people in the house. My wifey has been calling but I can easily escape them saying that I have work and she says nothing more.

All day, life has been different. I have been free of so many stresses and tensions related to hosuehold. However, I can’t be laid back about my job. I can’t have a disagreement with my Boss.  And Yes! sometimes the work does get a preference over my wife. Did I say that? Hope she doesn’t read…but then I have just been imagining myself as the man….

I must salute my wife for handling many affairs all by herself. She cooks for me, looks after the house and other things as well and then she works too.

* The post is Inspired with glimpses of life of my Father and Husband…

This is my fourth Post as a guest author to Project 365 : We Post Daily!




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  2. LOL! True that ! We often get so lost in our problems that we fail to see wha our partners go through !!!

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