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How easy it is to commute in Delhi?

Delhi is a vast city and with a huge population taking shelter in its magnanimous expanse, it definitely has large expectations to serve. In the last fifteen years, I have seen Delhi emerge as a metropolitan city. From the flyovers to civic constructions to Delhi Metro I have seen things happen to help us around better. But even today, after the presence of huge number of buses and autos we have not been able to connect the dots.

In all these years the number of cars has severely multiplied choking the traffic on every city road. Have we ever bothered to think that why people in Europe prefer public transport and we in India still shrug the idea of it? The answer is known to all that the public transport has yet not earned a satisfactory place in our day to day life. Our private vehicles and hired taxis only take us to the absolute corners otherwise it can be a very tiresome journey. Taking best advantage of this situation the Delhi cab service have thrived.

With rising pace and expanding periphery, the capital city still has many remote areas and weak connectivity. There are so many routes that one doesn’t find a Metro line and the only saviours are the buses which are overcrowded, dirty at times and that which take the longest route. Also buses can never be a solution for door to door, convenient movement until our destination lies close to the bus stop. Even getting an auto in some areas is not easy many a times. For example if you have to reach airport, it often becomes a hapless situation for me as a lady to change bus, then auto and then reach in time. Thus, the taxi service in Delhi comes very handy and comfortable.

As a student, I had my school bus to take care of my transport but in college I came face to face with the transport woes of the city. The Metro line no doubt emerged as a lifeline but yet when I joined my first job in Gurgaon, I realized it did nothing for my comfort. My house being in South Delhi, there was just no public transport that could help me travel from Delhi to Gurgaon every day and I had no choice but to drive.

But what happens on the days when you are not interested in driving or one has to travel to clients’ location, it’s easier to book a cab. But looking at the safety concerns, I am not very comfortable taking a cab too. And the so called biggies in this sector don’t even serve you the best in the need of hour. I remember I needed a taxi to reach the airport at 5 in the morning and was denied by a reliable taxi service at 4:15. In next 15 minutes, I hardly had a choice but to run to the taxi stand near my house and convince the Sardarji who is owner of it to take me to the airport. Thankfully he did not try to make the most of my situation and agreed as per the rates.

Since then, I conveniently call him for my travel requirements. In fact I also keep a list of best cab services of Delhi in my address book. We should not depend on only one taxi service but always keep a few numbers handy. From my personal experience I would also suggest that one must keep in touch with the taxi services of areas in which we live because some of them provide good cars, prompt service at cheaper prices.

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