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Sunday Special@New Friends Colony, New Delhi

Savouring the flavour of two good eating joints….. AL BAKE and CARNATIC CAFE

Al Bake— Old and Famous!!!

Carnatic Cafe— New and Good!!!

Before today, I had never been to New Friends Colony, New Delhi.

This place near to Ashram on the way to Faridabad (my home) boasts of some great eating joints. Since it has both local as well as international chains, it attracts a lot of youth crowd. I had always heard of it but never had a chance to explore the market and its eateries. Today was the day and the evening was special,obviously because I was with my hubby dear.

When he asked, where to begin digging in…Without second thoughts, my choice was AL BAKE. I had heard a lot about the place and this was the time to go for it. Non-vegetarian Foodies in NCR definitely know about Al- Bake and its famous Shawarma. I had some how never had a chance to grab a bite there. Today, we went there and ordered a Chicken Shawarma for myself and a Paneer one for my Veggie husband.  His was yum and spicy and mine tasted great. Without doubt, it was a yummy beginning to the dinner!!!!   🙂 😉

****Do stop by Al bake. Don’t expect anything except good food. Needs some good ambience and interiors. But even without it, its flourishing and growing. People love good food and that’s what it has in plenty, rest all can be sidelined  😉

I decided to take a break, and wanted to explore the local market before going for another order since the place has more than twenty places to dig in. The eateries were swarming with crowd and the market seemed to be a happening place. We came across some nice places that we had heard off from word of mouth.

While strolling hand in hand and enjoying ourselves, we noticed this one and it caught interest of both of us- CARNATIC CAFE.

First Look: A greenish touch to it with framed photographs on the wall.  It had a neat and simple ambience. Best of all it had something different on the platter- Exclusively South Indian,only one in the area. Anything   unique definitely attracts   🙂 🙂


It was a new entrant in the area and the one to one attention at the restaurant was warming. I liked the attractive names in the menu card which had a wide range of Dosas and Rice to select from. Some of them were like Khali, Ghee Roast Masala, Podi, Raagi, Raagi Masala, Set Dosa and the most attractive one – Malleshwaram 18th Cross.(a dosa) 😉  and Rice specialiities like Mosaru Anna, Chitra Anna, Puliyogare, Bisi-Bele-Bath, Majjige Huli Rice, Shringeri Rice. There was much more. Visit the place and explore more for yourself.

All and above some real attractive food at nominal prices. We still had to order, savour the flavour and judge the food.

We ordered Malleshwaram 18th Cross and Bisi-Bele-Bath.

Malleshwaram 18th Cross– It was real good, Crisp Dosa with no traditional filling but a spread of Daal powder and White butter served with some hot Sambhar and three chutnies (Saffron, White and Green). It reads yum.. I am sure it does. Go for it once you go there, its worth a try. And Bisi-Bele-Bath was Spicy Sambhar Rice with the right flavours. The food was different, stylish and yum. We totally enjoyed the dinner.

And to put an end to a lovely treat, Filter coffee is never a bad option.

                                                         Filter Coffee@Carnatic Cafe

The Last Words: Its new and has an exclusive offering. For a change, if you are not looking for non-vegetarian food, its worth a try. Its a Good Place with some nice food to offer on the platter. Go and eat for yourself.

Happy Eating!!!!

It was Sunday Special for me..

🙂 🙂 🙂

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