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Whats honorable about Killing?

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When you kill-  Life, love, dreams- they are all lost in a flash of a second!


Whose coined the term Honor killing? How can a cold blooded murder be even called a honor killing? My mind has been restlessly asking these questions since I have read about the latest honor killing thats taken place in New Delhi.

I wish someone said the aliens did it so that we could play a blame game and get away. But shamefully, people from our own society who are rooted in the concepts of shame and dishonor of family love to play with blood. I wonder what gives them the strength to kill their own progeny and whats honorable about these killings. Its cold-blooded murder and no less. These insensitive incidences plaguing our society really compel me to think how does it matter to be educated or technology progressed when we are still taking lives for something so trivial as marrying against the parent’s wishes.

For a couple of years, I have been living very close to Venkateswara College of Delhi University and I love the student life that thrives in the South Campus arena. It keeps reminding me of my engineering days in college. Living close to it helps me keep a tab on the happenings in the Delhi university. Last week, a candle light march was done in the memory/protest for a young girl from Venky college who was murdered by her parents because she chose to love and marry a guy who belonged to another caste. The parents who had given birth to her couldn’t imagine their image getting tarnished (as if they belonged to the Tata-Birlas clan) and chose to kill their own girl.  When I read the news it gave me shivers and more it boiled me with anger not just because something heinous as this had happened again in Delhi or it was a girl victim but I felt how could anyone just kill whomsoever they wanted, why there isn’t any fear in the family members when they decide to take a life which is an irreversible process.

A life killed is lost forever. Do the killers ever think of it? The young girl, Bhawna Yadav, had her aspirations, dreams, goals in life. She was in love and she married as per her choice. What was so wrong about it that she had to lose her life? If the parents were not happy, they could have chosen to stay away from her life but how does killing her satisfy their ego. I wish I could ask them personally. It was her life and she could do what she wanted. We all have rights to do what we want. Who are the people who think that they can bully and decide for others what to do and what not.

I would say the children have yet not gone so heartless. Of course its condemning when they send their parents to old-age homes but if we talk of parents, some of them have gone down to pick guns. Its both dreadful and miserable. For such parents, I would say its better not to have children if you plan to remote-control their life, harp your rules on them and worse  strangle them to death for family’s ‘prestige’. Giving birth does not mean you can take a life too. I thought parents were angels. But what do we call those fathers who rape their girls, mothers who mistreat daughter-in-laws and parents who murder their progeny? And not one, hundreds of people are killed this way.

I have always believed that since God could not handle all our tantrums alone, He blessed each one of us with best of two people to pamper us to the fullest and we lovingly know them as parents. Sadly, we breathe in a society where social stigma and long-standing cultural traditions still win over human connections. The birth givers have turned criminals too and its rightly said when the demon gets on you, it takes away all your righteousness.

As I write the blog, I also think that so much may be written and preached to condemn such practices but the perpetrators hardly care to read about such petty stuff.  I will continue to blog to assuage my feelings and they will do to satisfy their egos.  What can bring the change? I fail to answer this as always.

We have seen ‘Hatred’  win over ‘Love’ time and again. No technology or mission to mars can avert these barbaric practices until we get the laws right in place. Laws, we have so many but none as such that creates a fear in the mind of the culprits. My mind is all muddled and I can only say as always, take the culprits to task and give them the toughest times so that it deters the others.

2 thoughts on “Whats honorable about Killing?

  1. We all have condemned, protested, and what not, against bloody murderers. Lets come on the moot point, that is Why all these games are continue?

    You know Majulika while giving final verdicts on such kinda cases, i.e. so called honor killings, our higher courts are pushed to make a mind that “anybody could do this, as we live in such a society where parents of departed are condemned to such a length that they want to kill even themselves.” Needless to mention, we have a pool of smart lawyers, who distort and twist the circumstances and motive in which parents kill their daughter and/or her love. The guilty turns into worth-sympathy. And, they get 5 to 10 years of jail terms, or maximum life terms which ends within 10 years as they are pardoned by chief justice, president of India on the request of Jail-Superitendent, on grounds like they never misbehaved, they live so responsibly, they work in jail and help other prisoners, and so, they should be released to take care of other members of family. Thats how 90% of killers are freed.
    In Saudi Arabia, if u kill somebody in any kind of circumstances (leaving self defence apart), u are taken to a public place where a huge crowd is gathered, u are then knelt down, and in a flash your head jumps up in the air high enough to give a shiver to spectators. May be this is barbaric yet this is what that makes the ppl think about before stabbing someone alive.
    Back to India, that fear of consequences are never seen, as they say, ‘5 se 10 saal free mein rehna, khaana hi sahi, maaro daalo!’
    Create Fear!! for our daughters and sisters. Lynch the killers in public.

    1. Very rightly said, we need to create the fear.. Even I have said that that why does nobody feel the fear of law before committing the wrong because we know how the laws r implemented here.

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