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FATCAT will make you LUCKY

Who doesn’t love to get lucky? We all do! Thats human tendency. In the age when there isn’t anything called free lunch, each day makes you see severe competition and grueling pressure, if something comes for fun and free, who wouldn’t love it.  The word ‘luck’ or ‘getting lucky’ comes easy but has an enigma about it which no one has been able to decode.  Some people also believe that ‘Luck is a part of Karma’ and thus we know why not everyone gets lucky everyday.

But yet we have staunch believers who hard work patiently and wait for the day when they will get lucky. On a causal note,Every dog has a day, true, isn’t it? But here we will talk only about a game and not about life, but a game that has prizes that can be life changing!

One day I won a ‘full house’ consecutively three times in a Tambola game and that was my lucky day.  I had won some large packets of gems and yet to this day I cherish the moments. Winning has a charm, no doubt about it. We have all loved playing Ludo, Tambola, Poker, Housie in our homes, parties, get togethers.  Winning and losing did matter much, but yes it led to huge engagement and entertainment.

Now, here is a game which makes no great promises but yet sounds very inviting. When you read ‘Getting lucky has never been this easy’, the next question that comes in our mind is ‘How’?  What if I tell you just got to download an app, enter your email address, register and play a game, I am sure you gonna be game for it. Of course, the eligibility age for playing this game is 18 years when its presumed we are grown-up enough to make our decisions.  There may be initial inhibitions like is it about money, betting, lottery etc. Well, the good news is you play the game for free.


In the age of mobile applications, we all have our favorite games from Temple Run, Flow, Word Making to Candy Crush, etc. Right? I too love playing games on my mobile or tablet because they help me to refresh my mind, eradicate boredom and enjoy the thrill of winning. Here is another one.

Lets see how this game (LUCKY 6) looks on your handset.

I made a profile thats way too simple. You may or may not add a picture. Read ‘How to Play’ which I am gonna elaborate a little.  It works on a simple rhythm and that is you got to choose 6 brands and generate your ticket which leads you to a score. The brands are very familiar names. The player selects his/her favorite and blocks them six in a set. If their stocks are highest gainers of the day, you win. This is the simplest version. Lets see some pictures below to get in to skin of it.

The brands are available in alphabetical order as shown below. The player scrolls down and picks their favorite.

Next when you select on your favorite from the pre-selected brands, you block them and a ticket is generated. On the right will be the score that comes when game ends and it adds up the sum based on how your brands are faring in the market. Higher, the better! one can see the individual performance of each of your selected brands and also how it has been faring along. This gives you an idea for the next time.  I have played it till now randomly choosing my brands on their image and it has been fun. And this is not about scratching heads because who knows which stock is gonna perform better but yes just like the stock market, watch your brands closely and hit the jackpot someday.

The contest is offered on Wednesday when Japanese stock exchange open at 5:30 a.m IST and closes at 1 a.m. IST on following day when US stock exchange closes. Entries are limited to 3 per account so you don’t go around betting or pulling your hair all day.

The prizes are super tempting. Don’t get drooling when I tell you its large cash prizes and luxury holidays. Yes, it is!  Also a new feature QuizApp, will start soon.

The global launch of the game happens to start from India, see we got lucky already. So get rolling, read about the application, download and share around with friends. Its based on Crowdfunding, concept where sharing really pays off well. You win together with friends and family. Time to hit the share button, what say?

Read about it, explore, and then have fun! And if you do win a jackpot, don’t forget to celebrate it with me. Before that check this video because I am sure you want to know more about FATCAT crowd funding proposition and LUCKY 6.


So getting addicted to betting, playing with money is not what I am advocating precisely. I am only talking about the fun you extract when you simply get lucky with something. LUCKY 6 is all about it.

This post is a part of Happy Hours initiative on Indiblogger in association with LUCKY 6

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  3. Can you tell me how fatcat gaming earns money…. bcoz how can anyone give you the money free with no initial charge….bcoz even in a lottery we got buy lottery tickets……

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