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Inspiration for this post: A sticker on one of the car’s back read license to kill. Though the intention would be quite unlike but somehow I dint get the right message. I am sure no one else was bothered and the car zoomed away.


There is huge level of indiscipline on Indian roads and the capital city sits atop with accidents occurring almost every hour. The harsh truth states that huge number of them occurs due to human error. People are just not interested in going by the traffic rules. The chance of violators being caught is slim. In other words, the cost of violating traffic laws is low. That is why so many people dare to challenge. Adding to the woes, the ease with which the driving license is procured in India is not hidden. The applications for permanent license are increasing at a rapid pace. It’s made simpler by the intermediary party playing the crooked game, the driving training schools charge hefty amounts and exempt you from all the process of obtaining a license. Bribery and the complacent enforcement of laws by the authorities occur under the nose of the law makers. If educated people aware of traffic rules and with proper licenses break traffic rules, what can we expect from those who are unaware of traffic rules, and those who have not passed a driving test before getting their licenses?

The moment you step out on the road, it’s a complete malady. We need ways to curb the increasing number of vehicles on road. One should feel a sense of responsibility once on the road which I feel lacks in many. A traffic sense needs to be developed before actually taking on the wheels. How many novice drivers really know about lane driving or for that matter give the right indicators while taking a turn. And for that matter if they know the rules, seldom put into implementation. I favor the stringent norm being thought of by the government “GET DRIVING LICENSE AFTER 2 YEARS”. I go by it though 99 percent of the people would laugh away. My view:

 2 years are a well enough time to drive under someone else’s vigilance and realize the phase from a learner to independent driver.Driving norms cannot be imbibed unless thoroughly practiced.  People must feel the importance of owning a permanent license and hence respect its utmost value. It’s not mere a piece of paper which licenses you to zoom across but shoulders responsibility towards all those on road.

Let the laws be tightened. It may seem a toys play to roll the wheels but once on road there are thousands of lives not to be messed with. governing body needs to act fast before the reins completely loosen out. In addition to this proposed amendments to the Motor Vehicles Act, attending at least 5-6 workshops introducing traffic rules and acts should be made mandatory before handing over the permanent driving license. The outrage from people should not be feared and the law should be enforced earliest possible. It’s high time before each one of us would have lost someone in the family due to negligent road rage. Act before the situation becomes grave and we are left to contrite.

Give it a thought please!

3 thoughts on “LICENSE TO KILL

  1. the othr day i read abt i person gettng shot jst bcoz he hd overtakn some guy…does ths guy deserve to be on road ever after???nd above all he ws an educated young college going student..whts is the difference if aftr gettng education n all ths ur mental level on road is lk ths….some strong action needs to be taken.

  2. also thr no need to fine anybody if caught,ppl hav enough money to pay cops, i recommend jst IMPOUND THE VEHICLE FOR A DAY,n thr shudnt be any compromise on ths, might be it works…..

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