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Chills and Shivers : Help the Poor.

Help The Poor, Delhi Winters, Charity

This part of season most of us dread coming out of our blankets and prefer sitting snug with pullovers on. It’s been really foggy and shivery, definitely not easy for people who suffer from cold-intolerance. But thanks to Lord, we have enough to keep us warm and cozy .Give a thought to the poor, homeless who do not even have a roof keep aside means for keeping warm. It gives me a shudder when I see the barefooted roadside kids. They do not have a home, no clothing, no footwear to protect them from the furies of nature. How can God be so heartless? Oh! I fail to explain their misery. At one of the traffic jams, I was taken aback by a poor, cold stricken guy’s words when he said-‘ mujhe thand se nahi marna memsaheb’.It pinched me for long and I resolved to do my bit more than putting up this post- I promise.

Thousands are struggling to survive. The summer wrath is still tolerable but the winter ordeal forces them to sleep on the cold nasty roads. Huge amounts of money are flowing in and out but there isn’t a penny for the needy, homeless people .Why do we talk about relief funds after the lives lost? Shell out the money for the right cause in time of need. People are dying. The toll is counting. Are we blindfolded? We have ministers spending Lakhs on lifeless statues. Ironically the mortal figures have a cover but the needy ones crave a piece of warm cloth.

To my surprise, the country is busy renovating lavishly for the commonwealth games whereas it fails to provide basic night shelters to its own dying people. What a shame? Are these metros and flyovers more important than a human life? The goofy bureaucratic set up of the country fails once again. The govt. remains unaffected by the plight of the poor, continues to talk about their fulfilled agendas, proposed international talks, GDP growth rate, etc. Here is what they have made out of India-An underdeveloped country faking being a developing one and dreaming of being a developed one very soon.

There are around 150,000 homeless people in the Indian capital and we don’t even have 50 night shelters. Highly unjustified. The temporary arrangements of tents after the orders of SC do not suffice to protect from nature’s fury and let’s not forget those who fail to avail them due to space crunch. Winters come every year. Shouldn’t the govt. be prepared for these primary needs? People are dying at the cost of ignorance. This is no less than brutal cold blooded murder just that there are no laws to punish the killers.On the contrary,we vote these criminals to parliament to play with the lives of innocent people.

Winters is supposed to be beautiful, snowy, cozy and not fearful, deadly and life taker.But this season story goes like-The poor are left to bear the brunt of weather’s extremities’ because they are poor. Most of us brush away the cause saying what can we do? Media Hypes and cools down. The plunderers of the country’s wealth sit smiling away to glory as they have all the elite facilities at their disposal. The homeless continues his struggle to find a warm place for a night’s sleep as he does want to  live a day more. What a fight it is?

Give it a thought!

42 thoughts on “Chills and Shivers : Help the Poor.

  1. True i was moved by the same topic too….its time govt do something about it…but then we also know no matter how much we write here thinbgs are unlikely to look up for the poor and the needy….

  2. i had too tried to this message thru my posts:india’s prestige-sorry slums!u r not allowed & thanking god 4 his grace categorized as socially apropos of, by the way, ur post is commendable.

  3. That’s a good reminder. Thank you. 🙂

    Was postimg my comment but the captcha was not accepting my comments. Let me try one last time. 😛

  4. Feels horrible after reading this,and we crib for every other small thing.We don’t have any right to complain!!

  5. these r very SMALL issues as per our so cald leaders, bt ths is real ground zero n ths is horrible…its high time ppl realize ths n act accordingly…bt on the othr hand i also feel tat CWG 2010 shud b kept away frm ths…..isnt it???

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  7. I feel really sad and bad for such people as I can understand how lazy i feel to get out of my blanket just to go to office..and spending the whole night on the road that’s too without blanket can be really painful..I really don’t know when things would change in our country each person would have a shelter and never have to sleep on roads..It is so well said by “OnTheGo” about “A poor man runs for his daily food, while a rich man runs to digest his daily food.” So sad but true..

  8. the point is brought up very nicely. And true that we see ourselves in this scenario and yet govt does not do anything on this front but tries to further portrait itself as a not so developing country but developed. All this in an attempt to generate money, wealth which would eventually get under utilized by our babus and corporate kings!! Things has to change.

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