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Lets welcome the Artwork of Raghurajpur in our homes!

A beautiful piece of work, unique, full of colors and that takes more than fifteen days to complete is sold at only 5000, Is it justified?

I played the below video at least five times. It holds impressive artwork and loads of talent. Play it and I bet it will buy your attention absolutely!

Wow! What great pieces of work and a sad story to them, isn’t it? My eyes were awestruck to see such beautiful, colorful, neat and tedious display of traditional artwork. Had it not been HalF stories, (an initiative by TATA CAPITAL) and Indiblogger, I would have never come across it, across something so creative, natural and traditional. Being an artist myself, colors and artforms attract me nothing like it. And I just couldn’t hold myself from blogging about this blessed village in Puri known as Raghurajpur which has an artist in every home.

Lot of strain and hardwork goes in their work and their talent must reach out across the globe. It feels just awesome to see the appreciation in the eyes of the people who value it than those who just buy to sell it beyond. But here they have to sell it as they earn their livelihood from it. Thus the creators should be paid rightfully. To buy at much lesser prices and then sell them at higher rates is injustice both to the artist and to the art as well. More than that they deserve a perfect website to showcase their work.

The good news is here! The villagers who have kept their ancient art form, tradition and culture alive through their artistic hands had been suffering at the hands of middlemen, have now won recognition, appreciations, helps, reach out and thus an access to website. They have won their empowerment with their wonderful work and efforts of Do Right. Now their rightful shares will not be marred. There wouldn’t be exploited and will have their choice of quoting prices as per the efforts put in.

120 member Raghurajpur – a heritage arts & crafts village, a bundle of artists, the talent house has found their path to reach our homes directly. They have come out victorious. With the help of technology and internet, their artwork will reach across the globe.  There work will be put at a proper website dedicated to them and anyone of us can buy the paintings from there.

Great achievement indeed! Now, its our task to spread the word and honor their talent rightfully…

Happy Blogging !!!

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  1. this is a beautiful post…no woendrs it won 🙂 Have been quite busy, so couldn’t read and vote for it earlier…All the best, would love to have candies again 😀

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