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Parentous — The Princess Needs a Delicate Handling

This is my 4th post on Parentous.

She smiled, she cried, she took everyone’s heart away with one look of hers. She was utterly-butterly cute.

                 She was young, she was vulnerable

                 She was tender, she was sophisticated,

                 She was becoming beautiful day by day, and she was only twelve.

He touched her first; she avoided but did not have the courage to confide in somebody. She was scared, she was ashamed. He was a member of the family.

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The Princess Needs a Delicate Handling

A girl child is special!!!
It’s one of the oldest saying –

A daughter is a daughter all her life.
A son is a son only till he gets his wife.

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5 thoughts on “Parentous — The Princess Needs a Delicate Handling

  1. That’s why father/brother cares so much for his daughters & sisters till they are matured enough(although a daughter& younger sister will always be child for their parents :-)) as they can’t let anyone abuse their most beloved one for whom they can risk their life also…

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