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Stirred and Shaken Faith…



A fictitious scene:

It was sunset time on a usual day of the week. People were returning home from their workplaces. Children were either away to play or on their way to study tuition and the ladies of the house were thinking about the evening snack or the dinner. Life was moving and the hearts were beating at every tick of the clock…

The local market was buzzing with people. Some stopped by to buy vegetables, some for other knick-knacks. A few children came to buy note-books and pencils before dispersing for their respective tuition.

A man rode in the narrow lanes on a bicycle. He looked around. Parked the vehicle at the most vulnerable location and simply walked away.

In the next few minutes, there was a nerve-wrecking noise, a huge blast of noise and soon it all came to rest leaving shredded human bodies in pool of blood. What followed was chaos and hues and cries of those lucky who had a narrow escape from the violent incident. And others heaved a breath of relief that they were home or quite away from the terror area.

Faraway we sat in our houses comfortable and watched or read about the news….

Whenever I hear or read of these gruesome attacks in crowded places, I feel terrified to the core and my faith in the Supreme power goes for a stir. The untimely deaths are always very difficult for me to handle. It’s because I suddenly feel as though I don’t know God and his love for his creations.

The mind questions his existence every time and the heart pacifies it because there is Faith in Him.

The Heart always laments and asks ….O God How long do we have to endure this hardship? …. and  says no more…

The Mind says-–There are lakhs of homeless people all around, there are huge numbers who do not have food for a single meal… and countless who are deprived of security, safety and dignified living every moment. But you always accept it as God’s wish.

I cannot keep silent by just calling it  a cycle of life and death…

Heart said-– I have faith in my Lord. Why do you question him?

And then the Mind, full of angst said.. my faith in Him has only stirred a few times but with the growing number of blasts, massacres, honor killings and incidents of rape,  it has begun to shake now.

Thus the question has been lingering quite often now….

Does our God really love and care for us, when He lets his own people die such merciless and violent death?

My heart was saying โ€œYesโ€ but my head was saying โ€œNo’

No offenses to anyone. I am a person who fears God but sometimes deadly acts of humans make my Mind reason and question his Existence. Why does God let it happen at all? It is preached everywhere nothing happens without God’s wish….

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7 thoughts on “Stirred and Shaken Faith…

  1. well i dont think God can be blamed for this, these fights for power were always there, even when God himself was here on earth, so i think that is somewhat inbuilt in the human society…and most likely it will continue till eternity……
    What is important here to learn is that these things are not going to cause any good for anybody so dont promote or listen to these misdeeds… the same time, i wouldnt want people to just sit back n wait for the next incident rather stand up together n give these bas***** an answer that we r united and cant be taken fr granted……make people accountable to ensure safety n security of public…..

  2. I am so sad that this fiction is a hard core reality, May God bless the departed souls and give strength to the near and dear ones.

  3. Every Human being has evil & moral elements in his soul it is up to us that which element is nurtured by us in our thoughts & deeds .righteous path is always challenging people use to move towards malicious deeds to achieve their goals ..

  4. Its sad that we live wid a fear everytime, wid no guarantee wat will happen next , n it forces us to think this way also. its an unending discussion n I dnt have any concrete statements for this
    bt I thank God for gud things n ask for more power,faith in bad times. Sumtimes I felt lucky n sumtimes asked him “why me”. we r his creation bt have our own minds n hearts. we alwaz have choice b/w gud n bad b4 doing anythng. its we who decide how to live, wat to do.
    we cannot stop natural calamities bt such man-made disasters can be reduced with our efforts. May b it seems jst to write bt I think evn small activities lik safe driving can save many lives in which God cannot be blamed.

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