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The KART-ful of Safety that came with loads of Fun!!!

Last weekend was all about socializing, networking and blogging. It is highly satisfying to be a Blogger, writer more than an Engineer.  Sigh!!

🙂  😉

Friday – 8th MarchI attended the Indi Meet. Do Catch up the action here.

On Saturday, 9th of march, I participated in the SP meet.

Social potpourri (SP) is the baby of two very warm and passionate people, Kriti Mukherjee and Sulekha Rawat. Glad I got a chance to meet them. The agenda of the meet was knowing all about a new business venture, SafetyKart, a company that is working towards ensuring that the word ‘Safety’ becomes our handy possession.

In my last post, I have already mentioned SP and its events. I must say they are doing a great job. You may read about them here. Hence I was all excited to catch up with the good people.

Reached the venue around 6-30 p.m and was greeted with happy, warm vibes. It was organized in a big hall in SDA, New delhi and I kinda liked the homely touch about it. Post the hand-shakes, I settled down to talk and explore more. Met Ekta Khaitan, a fellow blogger, we had missed a good chat on Friday but there were no stop-blocks today. Not to forget the other enthu people’ who made my day- Meghna, Deepti, Manisha, Sulekha, Kriti, Vikas, Saurav. But all this while, there was an anxiousness to know what the evening held for us.

In the extended part of the hall, a table stood tall and upright and acted center of attraction. I am not talking about the dining table which had wine, cheese, fruits, hummus and bread (Party time in the making) but the other one. Lets talk about the one that welcomed you the moment you entered the big hall. It had selective items that resonated with the spirit of safety and had enough to engage us in conversations for the next few hours….

The excited, gregarious and passionate people from Safetykart had come well prepared. They had neatly laid down their attractive products for display so that we could have a glance and ignite our curios faces. The partners of the show were Vikas and Sourav Bagaria, Co – Founders of SafetyKart. They were enthusiastic, cheerful and confident people who knew their business well. All the more they were open to new ideas too..

Time for the good things to be unveiled… let me not keep you waiting. The meet-up began with a small presentation telling us about Safetykart followed by attention grabbing videos. One after the other, we were introduced to several products like the Heads Up Lite, the pepper spray, the electric shocker, Pocket cutter, mitylite, Barton door lock, Wallet case, Laptop case, iPhone Case, Back packs, Resqme key-chain, Led Flashlight, Multi-functional Car safety tool, Fabric tagging tool, etc. Each one was unique and well suited to meet our requirements and the best part was they had been created to ensure safety, the word that is in great demand these days.

The products and their usage were demonstrated well, at the same time it was enthusiastically received by the blogging fraternity too.  The thinking caps were not at rest at any time of the show, there were volley of questions that made sure the people from Safetykart did most of the talking then and we did not keep away from putting across childish questions too.

My instant favorite was RESQME keyring and the video about it was heart touching. The Pepper Spray keyring is a must have and the Multi functional Car safety tool caught my interest because it may serve many purposes. To know more about the products, don’t hesitate to click SAFETYKART.  

Next followed chirpy conversations over wine and cheese. It was more of knowing each other and talking about work, passion, home-town and it helped to create a bond with  each other. I love interacting with people though have been a shy person for quite sometime in my life. The ambiance was very friendly and there was blend of passion and zeal in the air. Safetykart team had a passion to grow their business while promising to make safety touch every aspect of our life. SP had a passion to let the good businesses grow, embarking on assignments that they believed in and finally we (Bloggers) who had a passion to take over the world with our writings.

The Enthusiastic Us….

Hope you do check out the Social Potpourri Anthology and be a contributor in the next one. I plan to, definitely.

And did I tell you I came back with more liveliness, joy and safety in my life. The Pepper-spray and handy pocket cutter, were the useful gifts that came our way that evening. Thanks SafetyKart and Thanks SP.

A Great Meet-up it was!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂

Happy Blogging and Happy Meeting!!!

8 thoughts on “The KART-ful of Safety that came with loads of Fun!!!

  1. Manjulika darling for this wonderful post! It’s friends like u who keep SP going and SafetyKart as happening as it should be…

  2. Thank you for coming for this meet and for writing such a lovely post. Enjoyed meeting you and the other talented bloggers.

  3. Very useful info & tools for personal safety for Ladies .Every Lady should read this article…

  4. The SaftyCart sell the Pepper spray @ Rs.249/- for 22ml and 399/- for 55ml. But it will be good if the price should range between Rs.50-100.

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