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The new Zenphone rings the bell

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A mobile phone was born to enable us to talk to people on-the-go. Gradually it evolved to resolve our many purposes. And today it is difficult to think of our life without cellphones. In the age of smartphones, we all have a deep connection with our handsets. For the elders its about dabbling with a toy that gives them a high on technology and fun while for the young its a charming style statement. As a graphic designer or as an engineer, you may be comfortable with one kind of handset but as a blogger or a writer I would want a different smartphone for me. With a progressive environment, there is no dearth of choices. But what attracts us to the new smartphone are its unique features.

When Asus launched its Zenphone last year, I was one of those who attended the show. I played around with the phones, learnt about its new features and soon was pretty convinced that I wanted to own it. Yes, in a few weeks I was the proud owner of Zenphone 6 and believe me I love my phone. The camera is one of its most valued feature and its pixel master makes me a great fan of it.  I enjoy shooting pictures with its different built-in picture modes. The Low light mode is impressive absolutely and ZenUI is great. Well, if given a chance I can go on talking about my phone for hours.

Today, I am excited for a different reason. As we grow so does the brand and technology. Improvisation is what we all look for.  Asus is all set to launch Zenphone 2 and I can’t wait to lap it up. I want to test the features that are worth a talk. Multi-tasking is the need of the hour and 4 GB RAM is what the new phone promises to give. For my phone, camera has to be nothing less than the best. I have learnt that PixelMaster on the Zenphone 2 includes the world’s best low light and HDR modes.  The Super HDR works well in extreme back light scenario, in outdoor scenario , under the sun with shades etc.  This makes me really curious to know and see that how Zenphone 2 will produce the best pictures in low light and other light environments.

The new has Boost Master Fast-Charging Technology and LTE Cat 4 connectivity. Apart from having World’s best Low light Mode and Best HDR Mode, I am really looking forward to it sharp features and the new look.  More, I want to try its Zen Motion features where tapping the screen twice will wake up the phone without going for the power button. I have my eyes set to try out all the new features as the new Asus Zenphone 2 is launching today in a few hours. After posting this blog, I will be heading straight to the launch event.

With these really attractive features, I really wish the phone is best priced. With technology changing at a super fast pace, I really don’t believe in shelling out huge sum of money for smartphones. Zenphone 5 and 6 were absolutely fairly priced with the kind of features and Pixelmasters they have.

One thought on “The new Zenphone rings the bell

  1. Very informative post.
    I am going to get one, the 2GB ram version. Zenfone 2 is a bang for the money it asks.

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