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My First Cruise Experience

MY FIRST CRUISE   I stood on the deck and stared at the rolling waves. I opened my arms for the air that came from far-far away. I cried when I saw the sky and the ocean merge as one. I glowed with the warmth of the beautiful sunrise. I let the strong winds caress …

Mostly Grilles Reopened

Mostly Grills – The Orchid, Mumbai

    Mostly Grills – The Orchid  (Located right next to Mumbai Domestic Airport)! Restaurant Review by Laxmi Shukla.     In our fast paced and smartphone addicted life, we hardly get a break from the rush hour traffic, work place anxiety and Monday blues. In all these worldly things, we often forget to listen …

Noida, Smaaash, Gaming

Enter SMAAASH To Play Like A Child

It is time to take you through an exciting gaming experience which will definitely excite the child in you. Last week, I was thrilled to fly in the air, make my own roller coaster route and dig in at ‘Mighty Small Café & Bar’ at SMAAASH. It was a fun-filled launch event and looking at the enthusiasm of the people present …

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