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Moroccan platter

Say Hello to Morocco through its Food

Have you heard of Morocco? Have you been there? How much do you know about Moroccan culture, history, food, tourism and more? A few days ago, when I tried to answer these questions for myself, I literally fell short of words. All that I knew was that the country shares it border with the Atlantic …

Grand Presidential Suite, ITC Maurya, Review, Experience

When I Walked Inside ITC Maurya’s Grand Presidential Suite

Before this, I had never seen a Grand Presidential Suite!  So of course this walk-around definitely makes a place on my ‘unique experiences’ list. I bet you will enjoy reading more about it.     When I received the invite to stay at one of the best and biggest ‘Eco Friendly Hotel’ ITC Maurya (LEED certified) as part of the ‘Responsible Luxury fellowship’ initiative, …

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