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Lockdown Art

1st May 2020 : When people dint travel but….

When people dint meet but counted days & waited with bated breath to meet each other. When people dint enjoy self-isolation, house-chores and cooking but they did to pep each other. When people dint opt to work from home but they worked a way through the economical crisis to save each other. When people dint …

Manjulika, Blogger, Travel

My 1st Expert

  I dedicate this poem to my First Expert * For the first time when we met, I warmly slept while you softly wept, ‘It is a Girl child’, they said but you wore a smile of poise even in the pain, And there you taught me true love, warmth and vain. * To swallowing, …


Poetry Collection: Chords of Life

Author: Angad Singh Saluja 🙂 🙂 🙂  REVIEW It is about:  Experiences COVER PAGE and TITLE A thought-provoking one….  Railway Track!  In my perception, it depicts path of life and its nature of moving on. Chords of life is a nice title. ABOUT THE BOOK This one is a decent collection of long and short …

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