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15 delightful charms of Clarke Quay in Singapore

Must tell you before I talk about Clarke Quay!! SINGAPORE has clinched the number one spot as Top Country to Visit in 2015 by Lonely Planet. Also it is celebrating  50th anniversary of its independence this year.


Clarke Quay in Singapore- A place that buzzes with life and activity.


The Party Never ends at Clarke Quay



First things first

  • In Singapore, I was in love with this place. This vibrant piece of the city appealed to me as an interesting array of entertainment, color, life, diversity and more.
  • Honestly, I did not know what a Quay looked like until Singapore made me curious because the Singapore river boasts of 3 different quays- Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay.
  • Now, getting to the literal meaning of a Quay which I actually googled to interpret better. ‘A platform or structure on the shore of a harbour or on the bank of a river or canal where ships  dock to load and unload cargo or passengers is a Quay.’
  • The visit to Clarke Quay will always be memorable because I celebrated my third marriage anniversary there. I received all my calls from my folks in India. It was very easy to stay in touch with the family. Also my need for mobile data to navigate the streets and so on was also met. I used  TSIM’s South East Asia SIM card with free incoming and outgoing calls, and data. It helped me explored the places better. 


Clarke Quay is a must visit place whenever you are in Singapore. In the evening it makes a perfect place to stroll around hand in hand with anyone you love. In the night, its absolutely colorful as the water reflects all that it receives. The pictures below speak for themselves.



Clarke Quay in the evening- Delightful mix of modern and traditional.


The Colorful Night-Clarke Quay-Singapore


Now let me tell you 15 delightful things about it.


1.  150 years ago, it was a fishing village that became a busy seaport with the increase in trade between the East and the West. Soon it buzzed with fishermen, traders and workers from all over Asia adding to its vibrant community.  Founded in 1819, since then it has been an important spot for trade.


2.  It was named after the second Governor of Singapore- Sir Andrew Clarke.  There is a statue of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles at Clarke Quay because he is the one who deserves all credits for the making of modern Singapore. 


O! the reflection of lights made it look so beautiful! —- at  Clarke Quay


3. Initially this quay was all about “tongkangs” (bumboats) and “twakows” (lighters) but now this river water front has become an interesting place which reflects the heritage and charm of Singapore.

4.  I also learnt that its architecture is specially  done by British architect Will Alsop. There is a theme that seems influenced by boats that have always been associated with Clarke Quay. I quite liked the covered terraces that look like boats.


Pretty Eating Places All around


5. Its not a very big stretch but a complete walk-around. It stretches from the mouth of  Singapore River, from New Bridge Road to Clemanceau Avenue.


6. There is lots to do here- One can go for Reverse bungee, hop on a river cruise to take a bumboat ride, stroll along the waterfront, read a book, sit with friends and family and of course  click lots of photos.


7. The river taxi or the boat ride treads the following path- Riverside Point, Clarke Quay and Coleman Bridge, Boat Quay and the Financial District, Raffles’ Landing Site and the Asian Civilizations Museum, the Fullerton and Cavenaugh Bridge, the Merlion and the Esplanade.


Boat Rides that Take place at Clarke Quay


8. There is a road along side thats called Clarke Street and next to the bank stands a mall thats built just at the Promenade MRT station.


9.  Clarke quay- Nightlife is the word that defines this place. Today this place stands as a delightful mix of the modern and traditional heritage. The old harbor area has been converted into a beautiful and cultured district with cafés, shops, bars etc.


 10. More than exploring the cafes and dining places, I was absolutely in love with its vibrant and colorful look in the late evening. There was an exciting and carnival atmosphere which was pleasing to me as a foreign tourist in Singapore.


The shopping centre facade that stands by the Clarke Quay


11.  Plenty of eateries to chose from – Spanish, Italian, Asian, Mexican and then these all restaurants have an open look giving views of the Singapore River. Hooters Singapore is on everyone’s list. The Bar Rose by Attica is famous for the most indulgent ladies night in town.


12.  This buzzing downtown place is situated absolutely opposite to the Marina Bay Sands. In the night one can see the light show happening at the sky deck  there,  from here. See the picture below which we captured from a quite a far away distance.  (3 miles)


(Marina Bay Sands– the three tallest buildings in Singapore)


The laser light show happening at Marina Bay Sands skydeck


13.  I wouldn’t say its a great shopping place but definitely it offers a colorful kaleidoscope of restaurants, wine bars, entertainment spots and retail shops. More the colorful Singapore River gives a respite from the high rise of Singapore.


14.  Singapore’s very first Reverse Bungy is here. (G-Max & GX5) Peddler’s Walk, don’t forget to walk along the pathway where peddlers took for their daily business routine. There is an Angel sky which features an entire spectrum of colors which is called the Central Fountain Square.


15. Last but not the least,  since 1 July 2007, smoking has been prohibited in entertainment outlets such as pubs, discos, lounges and nightclubs. Smoking is allowed only in designated rooms.  Absolutely a good thing that I learnt about it and thus I am writing about it.


Open restaurants overlooking the Singapore River


Interestingly decorated Eating Places



There is so much to do at Clarke Quay



I visited Clarke Quay on the second day of my trip to Singapore. I quite liked it and ensured to come back here again on the 6th day.

Did I tell you I won my flight tickets to Singapore from Skyscanner?  

Also while I was there in Singapore, YoursSingapore on twitter was very helpful.  They guided me all around the place.  


Happy Traveling!!!

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