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Go to Selvam in Melaka for the authentic Banana leaf meal

If only FOOD and  spicy South INDIAN food is on your mind, savor the pictures below to get growling HUNGRY!!!

I was told that Selvam is classic banana leaf restaurant in Melaka (Malaysia) and has won many awards for serving best Indian food in the area. After my visit there I can definitely say if you are a foodie, love spicy indulgence and have a taste for South Indian delicacies, you just can’t afford to miss this one whenever you are in Melaka.

Well, in my previous posts in Malaysia series, I have already enticed my readers to travel to Melaka. It is one serene place where I would want to go again any day. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site.  I often recommend this place (2 hrs away from Kuala Lumpur) who only know about Petronas or Penang, Langkawi in Malaysia.

On our second day in Melaka also called Melacca, after exploring the historical beauty of this place by walking around the place, we got really hungry. Our guide told us we were not eating at the hotel but at an Indian place which would take around ten minutes to reach. It was hot and humid in August in the afternoon and we were really tired but I think the wait to reach the place was worth it. 

The restaurant has nothing glamorous to offer accept the food. The furnishings are very basic. The tables are meant for four or eight. Green is the prominent color that attracts the eyes. First I thought maybe it was signaling at being vegetarian but no this one offers non-veg delicacies too.

Food here is served on Banana leaf. Sambar, rice, vegetable, pickle, papad, rasam, buttermilk was served to us instantly as we ordered for the basic platter. Next we also ordered Thosai(rice pancake), idli, chapatti and some cold drinks. Now there is an interesting menu at display at one corner of the restaurant where several delicacies are at display. One can walk around, have a look at the tempting, spicy delicacies and order from different meal choices, to fish, eggcurry, soyabean, paneer etc.

My Banana leaf platter at Selvam Rasam and Buttermilk

I quite liked this concept that one could pick any and add them to their meal. Each has a costing person wise and each member can  order something different as per choice. The food was really tasty, one that provides solace to taste buds. You may blame my hunger or my appetite, but I relished everything there. Also the staff was quick, friendly and extremely hospitable.

Rest, let the photos do the talking because while I ate, I did not talk. Yes, I was digging in my platter non-stop with my right hand and alternately gulping Rasam and buttermilk with my left hand. I remember taking 3 refills for the buttermilk. In the extra meals, I had taken an egg curry and soyabean. Both were yum!

Delightful Menu at dispaly

Friendly staff at Selvam Thats me at the extreme left, official from Malaysia Tourism and Vaishakhi on the other end (blogger from Mumbai)

My visit to Melaka was part of my trip to Malaysia Trip that I won in MalaysiaJao blogging contest.

Happy Traveling!!!

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