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5 and more, Discover India and Stay Uniquely

In the WORLD that I am constantly traveling, I am endlessly exploring and experiencing the change around me.

Change is the only constant in life. Our habits, our outlook, our way of living life has been changing with time and so often effortlessly. Even our hobbies, interests and passion take a u-turn with time. A few years ago, while I enjoyed reading only romance, now I am mostly keen on thrillers. Not just as a reader but as a traveler too, I have undergone sweet changes in my perspective. First, everything touristy used to attract me but now my eyes get excited at  everything that’s off-beat and local.

And the good news is that its not just me but the entire travel community is undergoing a sea-change.  People are traveling more, experimenting more and localizing all the more. A decade back, for a middle class family travel happened once or at max twice in a year. One was a trip to grandparents place and second it could be to a relative’s fanciful house in an exotic locale. For the luckier one’s it was an LTC trip too with parents that happened once in two years. But with the increase in the purchasing power, our generation loves to do the luxurious indulgences. All Okay! But I am not okay because I don’t believe in one trip a year neither two is enough for me rather if I had a chance I could go on traveling non-stop.

Yes! You got it right, I have to carefully plan my budget because traveling involves money. But expenses cannot be the excuse for traveling less. It’s too trivial a reason to give up on the idea of living a beautiful experience. And thus I am always on a lookout for everything that is here to help the passionate traveler in me.  In today’s world there is no dearth of amazing apps and wonderful sites that make our travel experiences absolute fun. Cheers to my new find, lets discover My IndianStay , that helps us to holiday in beautiful cities of India by offering interesting vacation rentals. It is a platform to connect travelers and local hosts to discover unique stay options.

Here are my 5 best picks where I want to go, live, explore, discover and take a break from my monotonous daily routine.  Not just the look of the home-stays are enticing,  I have my  own interesting reasons to go for them.

Roots, Shoots and Bed in Kalimpong

There is a whole house to you then why stay in a hotel. Wow, I like the red stairs and am loving the roots and shoots around the house. Makes a great place for some hide and seek play.

In SHIMLA, these apartment offer a lovely view of the forests and hills.

This seems to me like a home away from home. With dhabas, restuarants and parking around, this apartment can always be the place to go and just live a life away from the maddening crowd of the cities.

Singtam Tea Garden,West Bengal,Steinthal Tea Estates, Darjeeling’s oldest tea estates. One can see the Kanchenjunga from here while having the finest Darjeeling Tea!

I have never visited a tea estate and what fun it would be to stay in a bungalow of the director of Singtom and Steinthal Tea Estate (Built in 1862 ). The idea of meditating, and relaxing amidst the beautiful nature is enough to pep me up for this place. Tea -lovers must go for it!

What a vibrant and colorful room

This Deluxe suite in one of the Guest houses in a fort in Jaisalmer makes me feel like a local already. Red is my favorite color. I have never done my room in Red, maybe I can stay here to see how it feels to the eyes and the soul.

Kashmir’s greatest attraction is the Houseboat

This has been on my mind for like always. India is blessed with a gorgeous Kashmir. I have to do Kashmir and have to do a houseboat. Hope it happens soon! Amen!

I started my post from the word ‘Change’ because the aim of my post was to inspire everyone to go out, explore and change their traveling ways. Step out people and go for the ‘LOCAL’ fun while the hosts are waiting with their beautiful home-stays.

For the Travel-freaks who love to write there is a contest too. Check Here

Happy Traveling!!!

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