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5 Star Hotels in Delhi: 5 reasons to ring in them!

Experience Luxury in 5 star hotel

What is so endearing, extravagant and pompous about 5 star hotels? Well, I did not know until I visited one when I was in sixth standard. Since it was my first time in one of the plush properties, I was totally taken in by its luxuriance. I remember I had gone ga-ga over the grand ballroom, plush washroom and the multi-cuisine buffet for months. I had been fascinated by its opulence and wonderful offerings but of course at that time they were never on my parents agenda. The 5 star visits were absolutely a royal indulgence and dint happen until a lavish party invite came from a known one once in five years. But now my work, holidays and blogging takes me to them frequently and I get to enjoy their billowy comforts. Indeed, I love revisiting them and the elaborate menus and personalized services keep me cheerful.

There are hundreds of Luxury hotels in the capital city, Delhi. And every time you visit them, they give you not one but many reasons to visit them again. They have it all – opulent facades, beautiful ambiance, sumptuous menus, famous coffee shops, comfortable beds, safe parking and courteous customer service. Each one is unique in its own way and that is the beauty of them because they put up the best to make us feel special. In my travels outside India, I have had the privilege to live in many five star properties and my experience in most of them has been worth talking. Thankfully, when I have to indulge I do not have to go far as my own city Delhi has globally acclaimed, classy and upscale hotels.

With this blog-post, I would love to talk about 5 reasons to ring in them and make it special for yourself. 

  •  I love to indulge in good food and an array of Oriental cuisines like Chinese, Thai, Italian and Indian is my favorite. 5 star hotels in Delhi often come up with food festivals that offer exotic and delectable cuisine selection.This is the best occasion to grab some interesting deals if its available, dig in the pompous menu and pamper your taste buds. Some great chefs work in their kitchens.
  • How about Catching up with your special one over coffee and small bites? You have been in a long distance relationship and suddenly your loved one is in the city, don’t settle for less but take them to a cozy, vibrant coffee house in one of the 5 star hotels. Believe me the magical day will become a day to remember.
  • These star studded locations play a great host for weddings and functions, launch parties or more and those who can afford them never miss a chance to do that. A large percentage of the much talked about fat Indian weddings of Delhi take place in these hotels. Brands, corporate and even authors love to do the launch parties in Delhi 5 stars because everyone loves the pomp and show on their special day.
  • Believe me its absolute fun to get rejuvenated with a stimulating session of Spa in these 5 star hotels. All of these plush hotels provide for these special services and the spas/massage services give a welcome respite from our everyday stressful life.
  • To take a break from the monotonous routine, you really don’t need to book a ticket and travel if you aren’t very keen to leave the city. Why not surrender yourself to some luxury? Spending 2 days in a 5 star hotel and availing all its personalized services like bar, swimming pool, spas, gym and exotic buffet.

In these economic times, its not easy to go for the lavishness often but at the same time let me reiterate 5 star hotels aren’t non-affordable. Once in a while, doing things for your own comfort and pampering cab be very refreshing and satisfying.

Happy Exploring!!!

5 thoughts on “5 Star Hotels in Delhi: 5 reasons to ring in them!

  1. I’ve had the privilege of staying with Hotel Grand Sarovar Premiere in Mumbai for a few days and it was an absolutely amazing experience.

    Going there once in a while would not be financially taxing after all.

  2. This hotel is very close to the center of town and easily reached by local bus. The rooms are clean and the staff is friendly. I’d definitely stay here again, especially for the price.

  3. “I recently stayed at the Andaz Delhi and it was an incredible experience. The hotel is modern and stylish, and the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful.”

  4. The Lodhi in Delhi is a true gem. The rooms are spacious and luxurious, and the property itself is absolutely beautiful. Highly recommend for a relaxing and indulgent stay.”

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