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Muthoot, As they do their bit for human and nature

This blog post talks about Muthoot Finance and one of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative.  I  am extending my support to the cause by spreading word about it.

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Borrowing or Money lending against assets has been a part of our history. Rather, in times of need the idea of taking loans against assets or income is definitely a savior. However, if it’s about money, nothing comes easy. The paper work involved in banks has never been a smooth ride for anyone. There are instances when it really becomes difficult and one looks for alternative ways to secure loan. In situations like this a meaty role is played by gold mortgage players.

In India, gold possessions are a yardstick to assess richness and people consider it no less than a big asset. In need of hour or for higher aspirations, when formal credit cannot be secured in time, many people find it convenient to pledge their gold and raise money. I would say this is a benefit because keeping them in the locker is no great deal when money is what you need.

Muthoot Finance

Through this post let us know about Muthoot Finance which is India’s largest gold loan company and has a significant reach in rural markets. No less it boasts of a century of experience. The company has its presence across 21 states and four Union territories in the form of 4,200 gold loan outlets. Also, its website says ‘Get Gold Loans in 5 Minutes from Muthoot’. If they live to their words, I am impressed.

When you borrow a small amount from a friend or a family member, it isn’t a big affair and there aren’t many terms and conditions involved but through institutions many aspects have to be weighed before taking the decision. At this time what matters is that there should be a trustworthy company where one can get the best advice. Muthoot says that it’s a family-like financial institution where securing loan or information about mortgage or help regarding the same is as easy as talking to a closest one.

Muthoot Haathi Mera Saathi programme

Philanthropy is good. Muthoot too believes in giving back to society through its CSR initiatives. Its activities have been directed towards improvement in health and technology, proper sanitation, education, welfare of the lower income Group of the nation and environmental conservation.

Muthoot’s ‘Haathi Mera Saathi’ programme is another initiative in the same context where the company aims to do good for the society. The campaign title comes from its own logo where it emphasizes that group efforts should be put in to help those who are in need. The marginalized section of the society needs to be uplifted. The initiative aims to prioritize on these four first- education, healthcare, environment and social issues. Muthoot has tied up with NGOs to work for education in the underdeveloped areas.

Muthoot Group has been doing CSR for over 800 years, perhaps even before the term was coined.This was done in terms of educational, health care etc for the 5000 odd workers of the Family who were employed for clearance of Forest area and plantations on an authorization given as “koop”, by the Maharajah of Travancore, nearly 800 years ago.

Now, in the health sector it has started with organising health awareness camps for the Delhi Police Force and the Uttar Pradesh Police in Lucknow. For environment, its initiative ‘Seeding the Future’ invited people to like its facebook page and for every like, a seed was sowed. Through this they have shown that they have a vision and mission to work for the betterment of less privileged people of the country.

Muthoot Gold Loan:  To pledge your gold and procure money against it at Muthoot Finance comes with advantages. Minimal documentation saves stress and does not let you lose opportunities. The Prepayment option without any penalty lets you claim your Gold as soon as you have the money. Unlike the banks, no external/third party guarantor is needed. However, it’s important to know that any gold below 22 carats is not suited for gold loan.

Muthoot-WWF India partnership and their long-term elephant conservation goals.

WWF India works towards the conservation and protection of world’s biological diversity. In their agenda of environmental protection, they work to save the threatened landscapes and endangered Indian species- Asian elephant, Indian rhino, snow leopard, Ganges river dolphin and the tiger. As it seeks help from the society, many corporates come forward to tie up with WWF to take different drives individually and forcefully.

WWF is focusing on saving Asian elephant or common elephants because they play a great role in maintaining the biological diversity and ecological integrity large green areas. It has been identified that there has been an extreme degradation of large parts of the elephant habitat lately. Elephants attack fields and crops and thus humans beat them or kill them. Other human elephant conflicts are also leading to elephants and human both getting hurt. But of all this, what people need to know is that there is a threat to the survival of Asian elephants. Poaching is an added challenge.

With it efforts, poaching is being watched, elephant crop raids has reduced and Radio/satellite collaring is being used to study the behavior of some elephants to prevent them from attacking humans or leading to any human elephant conflict.
WWF India and Muthoot aim to work and encourage others as well to come forward to play a role in establishing harmony between human and nature.

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  1. I didn’t know they had such good social initiatives! I loved them for their good interest rates for depositors!! Now this is a new good reason to invest with them 🙂

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