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17 ways to soulfully LIV this Diwali

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A very ‘Happy Diwali’ to all my readers, friends and family!


Let’s celebrate the auspicious festival of lights in a way that isn’t listed anywhere else. Inspired with the video below, I thought of adding my two cents to the literal meaning of Diwali. We know that it stands for brightness and light, not just the outer pomp and show but inner enlightenment too.



  • We know the festival signifies victory of good over the evil, then why have we never thought of getting rid of one bad habit on this day. So basically ‘New Year’ is not just the only time to make resolutions, how about making some on the Diwali day too.


  • Paint a small section of the house with your siblings or parents. I know it’s not possible to do the whole house on your own but believe me doing something together really bonds us. Even a Rangoli would be a great idea. I remember organizing a Diwali party with my cousins a few years back and the bond that we made after that has yet never died down.


  • Diwali means health and prosperity, then why make others unhealthy with lung ailments. Don’t waste money on the crackers. Let’s give a noiseless Diwali to the old and the children. We often ask what can we do, the government is not doing anything. This Diwali, each one of us can do much. Keep our air clean. This is the time to think and act for ourselves and others.


  • Shop but donate too. New clothes, we have had them every year. Do we really need them a special dress for Diwali when we keep buying all-round the year? Rather I have a better idea, let’s buy a new dress but for every new dress ,we must  promises to donate or help someone with our old clothes. Winters are here and the poor do need our woolens.


  • So the last time you met your colony friend, you had a big cat- fight. If the matter isn’t resolved, walk to his house and give him/her a ‘Happy Diwali’ hug. If he/she is in the other city, send them a message now. How? Check this!


  • Remember those hand-made greeting cards which we exchanged a few years back! Make one at least this year too. Its easy, take a printout of one of the message that you wrote for someone on any micro-site or any of your social media platforms, cut it artistically, stick it on a greeting card paper, decorate it and post it to them later so that they can savor it forever. Who said you can’t send greeting cards after the festival?


  • Even if you do not know them, just wish them with a warm smile. I am talking about the courier boys who are doing the best job. I have not forgotten to wish each of them a ‘Happy Diwali’. All my gifts have arrived on time and I am loving them.


  • We all make efforts to be with our family on this day, but we spend the day, eat sweets, pray together and just leave as soon as holidays get wrapped us. This time, sit down and talk to your parents, siblings and bare your heart. Just tell them that how much you miss them when you are away or when you put up alone.


  • Make up with older/ younger brothers and sisters. Even though they may be married and busy in their new families, how can each one you forget that together you have celebrated not just one but most of the festivals together. You are family and nothing can put you away.  I loved the above video because it captures the spirit of Diwali and family bonding realistically.


  • The tech-freak in you is dying to grab the new cellphone in the market. I hope you give the old one to the maid or the guard if you are not exchanging it for a deal. Be generous this Diwali!


  • Eat sweets but do share them too. Give one to the child who does not have the privilege of having it. And if you are not sharing, do not eat sweets because why gain weight unnecessarily. 


  • Why just shower gifts on the rich, why not give a little more to the lady who cleans and mops our house every day, or may be to her children. Pick any of your five books in good condition, wrap it up and give it to the one who loves reading and can’t buy it. Diwali will come to be beautiful with something as simple as this!


  • There are elderly people and there are others who have lost someone in the family. Look for them in the colony, society. They may not be celebrating the festival and mourning the loss.  Can we visit one such family and just extend our support to them?


  • No gaming please! Playing Tambola/card games is okay but let’s not bet on money. There can be no mythological significance about these games where people lose more than they win.


  • Diwali is the time to bare your heart. You love the girl at the coaching class or the boy at the gym, say to them but don’t force them to reciprocate.


  • Let’ do some real bonding this year. How about if we decide to visit 5 new people in our neighborhood and gift them a beautiful earthen lamp wishing them ‘Happy Diwali’.


  • Don’t hold on to the grudges, let them go. I insist take the first step from your side to bridge the gaps in the family if any and you will always rejoice it. Diwali is the time to move on.


We may not do all, but we can always pick best five as per our convenience!

Have a peaceful  and prosperous Diwali!!!



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