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BOAT SCHOOL: The floating boat on the river Ganga that imparts education!

Education makes us powerful. It is the basis of economic development for every society.There is so much that can be achieved with education for our sustenance and our country. But if we talk of India, illiteracy is one of the biggest challenge our country has been facing neck to neck with economic disparity. This finds it roots in the  alarming population. Due to poverty, children of the poor are deprived of education. I wonder how long this will go on but the least we can do is we can either contribute to the society or we can support the people who are trying to bring the change. No doubt, we have a long way to go about it but every effort is countable. With this post I would love to talk about a floating school that is both a novel concept and a sign of hope.

There are many geographical portions in our country which lack good schools. However, at the same time we have a school that flourishes on the holy waters of Ganga. This school that floats on the waters of Varanasi does not follow any routine classes but only encourages students to spend some constructive time in a knowledgeable environment. It runs for two hours where students are encouraged to complete their home work if they are enrolled for day school. Others are taught other basics and they not only do  some learning but playing or revising of lessons as well. The whole concept is to attract the children to the idea of school and make them inclined to joining classes. The children love learning  but are not able to attend classes. Majorly its the economically backward people who are not able to afford the education of their children and they prefer treating their children as helping hands. This floating novel idea has helped children to learn useful things and not waste their time around the banks of Ganga.

This innovative boat school has been brought up by NGO Guria under the leadership of Ajeet Singh to educate them in an innovative way. Thousands of boatmen and their families look towards the river for their everyday needs. They do not have enough money to send their children to schools nor they realize the importance of education. The kids also waste their time roaming around or wandering aimlessly. A floating school is a great way to keep them engaged and off pressure and tension. We must  support the do righters who have come up with a unique concept to impart and share education. This is an attempt to provide informal education to the children. Varanasi boat school is a stepping stone to bring a transformation that will go a long way in contributing to the upliftment of the children who need a school.

If you have loved this idea and wanna support the boat school in terms of restoration, redecoration and facilities, you are most welcome to be a part of this journey of Doing Right.

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