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It was a memorable experience to meet and greet Kangana Ranaut

For those who feel that bloggers aren’t celebrated enough, read the story below to change your mind. I have always loved to reiterate the fact that blogging is one of the most wonderful thing that has happened in my life. It has given me beautiful experiences which no pay packet would buy for me. Here is the story of my recent blogging win.

Well it would be a lie if I said that I write for blogging contests not to win. Who doesn’t love to be on a roll? Blogging is not just about beautiful prizes but also about creating magic with words. Keeping the prizes aside, I always ensure that I come up with creative blogs. One such creative blog post took me to Mumbai to meet the National Award winner, Kangana Ranaut.

In the first week of February I got a mail from Blogmint which talked about this #KanganaMeetandGreet contest organized by Ask Me Bazaar. The topic was fun and I instantly wanted to do it differently. More, I eyed the coveted prize. Mumbai is a place that I love visiting and here was a chance to meet Kangana Ranaut.  Who doesn’t love to have a brush with Bollywood, I am no different.  

Honestly, I had forgotten about it until a beautiful surprise dropped in my mail one day. When the marketing team informed me that I had won the contest and would be flown to Mumbai to meet Kangana, I  double checked to confirm. Yes, there was a doubt in mind because the start of the fun was planned for 1st April (I must confess that at one time I even thought it was a prank on me).  Thankfully, it was all true as stated and some real fun time awaited me. Of course, I was super excited because by this time Kangana had won her second  National Award too. I had loved her in Fashion , Tanu weds Manu and Queen. 

2 days in Mumbai were all about crazy photo-shooting , fun and the paparazzi…

Tickets-Check, Hotel-Check! I flew to Mumbai on 1st April…

Akansha from AskMeBazaar was right there to pick me at the airport.  I met two other Facebook winners at the airport. From there began our photo-shoots and video captures. No, it was not us who were doing it but the team of Ask Me Bazaar. They wanted to capture every moment. The camera shy blogger in me felt uncomfortable for a moment but then I loved the attention absolutely.  Next, we all drove to Sofitel hotel in BKC. At the reception, I met Deeksha from AskmeBazaar. (She was one enthusiastic lady who was full of energy. For the two days she ensured that she remained on top of things.)

This is how my room looked and the moment I reached there, a team was already waiting for my interview. No less, I felt like a rockstar blogger. Priyanka from the Askme marketing team came to meet me in my room and she was quick to tell me that she had absolutely loved reading my blog.  I was all gleeful. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sofitel pampered me well and after the lunch began the Mumbai fun. During lunch I met fifteen other people who had been flown in from different cities. I learnt that Askme Bazaar had done contests on all social media platforms and the other winners were either chosen from Facebook or their shopping site. ( I was the only blogger there.)

As per the itinerary, next on agenda was our Mumbai Darshan. We boarded a bus and mapped Mumbai roads. I will write a separate travel post on that but here are two of my favorite pictures that summarize the experience well.

Sunset at Marine Drive Ask Me Bazaar and their video team at work

The video team was very enthusiastic bunch of people and they ensured that they made us talk even if we were shy to do that. It was indeed special for me to be interviewed at one of my favorite place ‘Marine Drive’. Even though I may have  a small footage in the video, it will always be a special memory.

For the night there was more waiting for us. Our dinner was planned at the beautiful Amritsari Dhaba on the fourth floor of Sofitel. It was here that we all sat together and dined together.  The restaurant had a  lovely ambiance and I relished their food too. I would add here that I was little disappointed with their serving speed or maybe I was too hungry that I just dint like the waiting part.  Did I tell you Shubash Ghai, the film maker was dining on the next table?


Amritsari Dhaba, Sofitel The open terrace at Amritsari Dhaba

Day 2

I started my morning leisurely, treated myself to a grand breakfast buffet.  And next we were supposed to get ready for a video making session yet again. There was a spa planned too but it got cancelled. Then there was a makeover to be done and of course the evening that had to do with the Bollywood Queen. It was all pamper and paparazzi day.

Take a glimpse of everything as it happened…

Breakfast at Sofitel The makeover begins After the make-over When Kangana took the stage and met the winners The moment when I shared the stage with her. I shook hands with her and congratulated her for the National Award win And the photo-sessions followed… Felt like a true winner…It was an exciting evening.


The event took place at Bungalow 9 and this is how it dazzled that night…

It was a great evening. Winners were really excited to share the stage with Kangana. Of course the guys did not miss the chance to click selfies with her.  I did not because I was happy to make a conversation with her. No, I did not find her heady at all and in fact she sweetly responded to my gesture. The disappointing part was that as always the media people gathered around her and did not leave any time for the winners to converse with her. She had to rush for her shooting next and thus did not stay for the dinner.  Of course we would all have loved to have her around for more time but I guess this is what stardom is all about-short appearances. Next Daniel Fernandes tickled our funny bones.  Overall Askme Bazaar team pampered us all as winners and this Mumbai visit was sweet fun for me.

Yet again, I met some interesting people among the winners.  Next morning I flew back early because I had an important job waiting in Delhi.  Thank you Ajay for keeping it all hassle-free for me.

Happy Blogging people because I bet it will definitely take you places. To me, its been doing some awesome things!!

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