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Honestly, a bad hair day doesn’t irritates me as much as a bad writing day. No, I aren’t talking about writers block because I have not experienced it yet or maybe I have learnt to smartly dodge it. On the days when I don’t wanna write, I simply photo-blog and earn satisfaction that I did something creative for my blog. But what I actually dread is failure of my writing tools, gadgets that keep me on the go, their slow and unresponsive behavior,  data loss due to power failures etc.

As a blogger, I love my creative independence, the feeling of being on the go and being able to put across my views across social media from anywhere, any time of the day.  Though our smartphones allow us to be on the go, but they can never replace the utility of our laptops. And more I am not convinced that one can do everything on the phone.

In this technology age, pen and paper and diary writing habits have been replaced by blogging and micro blogging sites. As much as we love to write, we love to be connected every moment. I love going to blogging events where I can tweet, update facebook and even do some live blogging.  I love my smartphone but I always wish for a larger screen. For my lifestyle, I am absolutely in need of something that can be said the lightest laptop and of course that isn’t pricey.

Notebooks are heavy or there are some really expensive, light weight gadgets which I have not been able to buy but ASUS EeeBook X205TA looks promising.  I am quite liking its ultra sleek, chic look and the good news it weighs less than 1 kg, really? How cool is this. Looking at its size, I am confident that it will fit in my sling bag, the kind that I am comfortable in carrying. I am a person who loves traveling light so tugging along a heavy gadget is not my idea of attending events. For all my needs that require me to go from one place to another, I would any day love to have it. Its optimized battery life for all day computing is making it irresistible. One can watch videos for 11 hrs, listening music 13 hrs and non stop browse web for 12 hrs. And the best of all it comes with Microsoft office 365 and cloud storage. What more can I ask for.

ASUS, other new gadget too looks super interesting and suits me home requirement. ASUS All In One PC ET2040  built in back up power is definitely very useful feature.  So here we have something which will not shut down suddenly. I live in Faridabad and the power issues here are so worse that sometimes the back up also fails and I end up losing data.  This will be end my woes. I like its space saving design too. Intel’s processor, one doesn’t need to say much. Yes, this one is super fast and extremely responsive.

I want them both, hubby hope you are listening.  If not I can always buy them on my own.  I am not complaining about the prices seriously! And as a blogger, social media enthusiast, light traveler, the long battery life is something to vouch for.

This is my post for Indi Happy Hour with Asus.


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