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Myriad is Me

Rarely do I recommend a video but this one has got me speaking. #UseYourAnd – The latest campaign from Gillete Venus is impressive. Its inspiring.  The rhyme, rhythm and the depth of words not only celebrates women and her versatility but also inspires women folk to grow beyond our inhibitions and enlarge our capabilities.

This video tells you more about #UseYourAnd

Here I have crafted a poem to celebrate my own-self and Things that define me…

I am no Cindrella or Rapunzel but fairy-tale life is mine,
I have not the perfect looks,
But I stand unique and beautiful in my own way,
I am the princess of my parents.
3D is my name (Daddy’s Darling Daughter),
Mumma’s naughtiest and lazy ‘one and only’ kiddo,
And Hubby’s best-est friend is me.



I am a daughter, a wife, a sister, a friend, a colleague, a guide,
I am an engineer,a cook, an artist,a writer,a blogger,a creative head,
Well, it doesn’t end here as I am not just what I do,
But I am also what I believe I can do.
Winsome in attitude and wholesome in appearance,
Never short of good intentions and actions,
I believe in being beautiful inside than outside.



The woman in me is assertive as I love to voice my views,
Devoid of my skin, clothes, fashion and shoes,
Keeping high on energy and passion,
Imbibing things that I do not know,
I know I am awesome,
Tackling things more than one,
I believe ‘Myriad is me’.



Talented, energetic but sometimes clumsy too, 
Oh yes, I also crave to do random and crazy things,
Holding a wish in the heart to be fearless and adventurous,
Rejoicing over my imperfections,
I manage my home and my work,
I have the confidence and I can do this ‘And’ that ‘And’ many more things,
Maybe not perfectly but I take pride in my versatility.




Fond of painting my nails as much as applying kohl to my eyes,
I have a glowing smile and tinkling laughter,                                                                                                

Strangers judge me with or without reasons,
I am feisty and strong enough to ignore and move ahead.

My friends call me both awesome and foolish,
Smiling and raising a toast to everyone,
Brave, Fighter, Loving, Warmhearted and more because I told you Myriad is me!



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