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At SATTVIKO, flavors come in combination with yogic delights

If the pictures have made you hungry, read on to know about the place where you can treat yourself with the above food.

On the days when Indian cricket team plays one of the most hyped IndVsPak World Cup match, you least expect your husband to accompany you out for lunch. But I am glad that my hubby isn’t one of those who sleep, breathe and eat ‘Cricket’. When India had put up a good score of 300 he almost declared that the game was in our kitty and was not very keen to follow it ball by ball. However I wasn’t convinced until the batting line up of our neighbors collapsed in a row.  (Thanks to cricinfo we followed it all on our mobile phone)

Well that was just about the cricket fervor. This sunday I had a media invite for a restaurant celebration and I had invited hubby to come along with me.

To my delight, he had said, I would love to go and explore the yogic delights of sattvik eating. Here he was talking about Sattviko, a fast casual Pure vegetarian Chain in Delhi/NCR  that turned 1 on 15th February 2015 and I had an invite to its anniversary celebration. (One of the advantages of having a blogger wife.) Since my parents live in Nanakpura-New Delhi and we had plans to visit them too, we chose the nearest branch. Sattviko has 4 branches in Delhi-NCR.

At DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj it was easy to locate Sattviko in the food court. The outlet stood all vibrant, colorful and inviting on its first birthday. Here, I must tell you that this branch is just two months old but the celebrations were meant for its inception that led to its first branch in Greater Kailash an year ago. And to commemorate the first successful year, its owners also launched a very needful initiative- Khana Bachao, Desh Badao“.

This campaign is focused on reminding people that we must not waste food. I must say its a good message and many more outlets should join this campaign. If you have been following my blog, you must be aware that I do not talk about food or restaurants until the place or event has something different to offer. The words ‘Sattvik’, ‘healthy dining’, ‘ food for soul’, ‘yoga benefits’  with ‘modern food’, ‘global chain’, ‘best Debutante restaurant’ made me curious about this one.

First impression

  • Neatly laid out, comfortably displayed, spaced out outlet made up of two shop areas. 
  • The name itself is enough to tell you that this restaurant is about yogic food. There are enough indications that reiterate that Sattviko offers delicious modern food with benefits of yoga.
  • When you peep in the shop with curious eyes, you pick on interesting and impressive details. First the restaurant has been awarded as the best debutant food chain of the year and second its a venture of alumni from IIT,Taj Hotels and Mc Donald’s.
  • For some ‘yogic food’ may not sound very attractive but those looking for pure vegetarian food and interesting combinations on the platter, this can turn into a  ‘must try’ option.
  • When I had a look at the menu, I was pleased with its options. No, it doesn’t offer boring food. The cuisines served are Mexican, Italian, American, Indian and Street Food.  Basically there is something for everyone.



All about Food

Since winters have bade goodbye to Delhi, it was time for some coolers. I ordered a Hibiscus Ice tea for myself and Mango smoothie for Hubby. The Ice tea was very refreshing and it aroused my taste buds for more.  Bon appetit looked interesting and we ordered a Nachos Chaat (Nacho chips topped with tomato salsa, kidney beans, melted jeans and jalapenos) to start off. The Sabuna Poha was quite close in taste to what my Maharastrian friend treats me with quite often and Dabeli was good for a Delhiite. It was soft, juicy and tasty.

For the main course, we chose the Signature dish – Vedic Burrito.  I wanted to check on the rice dish too since I am a rice lover. The tomato rice bowl looked tempting and we agreed on it. The Burrito was delighting. The filling was thick and tasty. The flavor was just right even without use of onions and garlic.  I wasn’t impressed with rice bowl serving. Though the curry tasted fine but as shown in the menu, it dint have any dumplings in the curry.

Next for the desserts, we went ahead with Shrikhand and Gulkand Raisins.  The pictures below will tell you that yogurt based Indian dessert looked inviting and it was indeed well prepared. However, the Gulkand raisins stood out for me. Absolutely the last thing that you need to end your food with.


Thumps UP

  • Even without garlic, onion -all the food that we tasted had a nice flavor.
  • The presentation of food made it look inviting.
  • The portions were good as per the pricing.
  • The rates are pocket friendly.
  • The plates whisked away timely and our new orders were brought in time.
  • Vedic food has picked up lately and its good that we can find a option in a food court too because not every one can afford to go and spend a bomb in the expensive restaurants.
  • Also, the owners plan to take it to global level. Somewhere I feel this is going to be very successful outside India because its tough to find vegetarianism food at many places. Chicken shreddings, egg toppings, shrimp paste are so commonly served when you order a veg food.



  • The menu stands good. It should not be expanded.
  • There should be no compromise on taste and ingredients.
  • The goal to serve Sattvik food to everyone is good but then it must be ensured that every food on the menu list is served perfect
  • Each customer must go back  convinced that food without use of onion and garlic can also taste really good.


I came back satisfied from Sattviko, suggested to my vegetarian parents too and later in the evening I also ended up searching and learning more about Sattvik food. For those, who aren’t aware I must tell you there is more to it than just that it is  cooked without onions and garlic. Food is first thing that connects with our soul and thus Saatvik means that food should be used in its best form. It not be overcooked, not stale and less roasted. The fruits and vegetables used for cooking should be grown in harmony with nature. The food tastes light and acts good for digestive system too.

Happy Exploring! Happy Eating!!

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