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No holding back please!!! I wanna be #BefikarUmarBhar

 We have all grown up to our parents, teachers or elders telling us ‘Don’t do this!’ or  ‘Don’t Do that!.’  What I can remember of my childhood is that my parents too never missed a chance to correct me for the little things of life which they thought were very important for my growing up. Restrictions, constraints and circumstances that hold back are things that we humans have learnt to adapt with.

First the people around us tell us and gradually the circumstances, ways of life mold us in a way that we ourselves learn to live with the restrictions. Take for instance, even though I may love to sleep for more than seven hours, can I really afford to do so when I am married, working and have a family to look after. No, not really.  Even though I may strive hard everyday to balance my work and home but so often I fail because either work demands my attention or on some of the days I am not in my best of health. With my expanding waistline, its becomes so important to hold my indulgences in junk food. So the truth is that there are many things that contribute to our stopping. 

What would it be like if there was nothing to hold us back.  

My 5 things in my bucket list would be…

A beautiful castle full of books— Spare me if you feel this is just out of a fairy tale book but I dream of a beautiful castle where I would live and have all the time in my life to read books and write books. Wish no one ever asked me to do the house and office chores. Just with the mere thought of it,  I am feeling absolutely wonderful.  In real it I would want to buy all the books and decorate them beautifully in my house.

Everything on my platter— I am a great foodie and love trying out new delicacies. Sadly due to health issues, I am often advised to live on restricted diet. Not just that weight gain is another pain that we live with. I pray for a life when I could fill everything on my platter as per my wish and eat without anyone holding me back.

Travel without worries— Many a times I wish to travel and go about exploring the world but then my responsibilities towards my family hold me back.  Wish there was a genie who could grant me this wish that in my absence everyone would be well taken care of. Instantly, I would go running for my non-stop travel expedition.

Sleep and re-energize as per my wish— As the week progresses, I start feeling sleep deprived. I am more of a night person and I love sleeping in the mornings. Wish I was not bound in a time-table to arise, awake and sleep. 

Inspire and get inspired— I hold a dream in my closet . I want to do something very inspiring for the people around me. If not more I wish to use my blog to go about inspiring everyone.  I really want time and enough inspiration to keep going everyday. Overcoming all my health and other constraints, I want enough strength and energy to blog everyday.

 Even though I love dreaming, I absolutely believe in the below quote.

  “The grass is always greener where you water it.” ~Unknown

Though it may not always be possible for all of us to do what we want but we should never give up on it.  Lets not the restrictions, constraints hold us.


Happy Blogging!!!

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