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Trang in Thailand- An exclusive Romantic destination

Hey, have you heard about the Underwater Wedding Ceremony that takes place in Thailand? Did you visit the ‘Romantic Destination-Trang’ when you went holidaying in Thailand?

Well, while  I waited to throw this question to my readers through my blog,  I did not lose a minute in querying my friends (two couples) who had visited Thailand for their honeymoon last year. To my surprise they answered in a ‘No’. This made me genuinely curious about Trang because with best known sand beaches, beautiful nature side,  interesting caves, rain forest valleys,  lovely pristine waterfalls and rubber plantations, the land of love is still not known to many people.

Koh Kradan, Trang Province ,Southern Thailand

Yes, you heard it right Trang has been known to people of the world as a land full of love since 1996.  Its 1st eco-tourism event “Returning the Natural Beauty to Coral Reef” later came to be known as ‘Underwater Wedding.  Humans are passionate about love and a dreamy wedding is on everyone’s card, thus Trang tells you how to make it most uniquely fascinating.

In the most romantic atmosphere, under the blue sky and amidst emerald-green sea, how cool it would be to say ‘I do’. More than doing it, I am absolutely in love with the whole concept of it.

The Trang Chamber of Commerce in association with the Trang Province, Trang Municipality Tourism Authority of Thailand helps to fulfill the dream of lovers by giving them a unique experience of wedding under the waters. 

Did you know?

Guinness World Records had awarded this event as  “The Largest Underwater Wedding Ceremony” in 2000.

As history tells us that a couple fell in love in the first eco tourism event and along with the change in name for the event, later Trang came to be a place where its all about love, marriage and honeymoon.  (Cutely romantic)  ðŸ™‚ 😉

Now, I must tell you that I had an invite from the good people at Tat New Delhi to attend and live the experience. Sadly,  I couldn’t join the team due to unavoidable circumstances. Honestly, its one of its kinds travel heartbreak.  To assuage my pain I am discovering the place through another person who is presently in Trang and making the best of it all.

Highlights of the event

  •  Buddhism rituals
  • Traditional Thai wedding ceremony
  • Wedding certificate formally signed under the water
  • It also facilitates handicapped couples to be a part of this ceremony (Thumps Up)
  • Even if you do not know how to swim, you can be a part of it under special instructor
  • Couples are guided to their honeymoon suites after the wedding ceremony


Thailand has always been welcoming to honeymooners and couples and when it comes to its natural beauty and beaches, its definitely on every travelers list . I am one of those people who love to explore countries with their partners and Thailand has been on our list for long now. Since I couldn’t go this month, I hope Hubby gets the message that he has to take me to this awesome Trang Wedding Festival next year.

Trang- Facing the Andaman Sea, neighbor to Krabi which has idyllic beaches, islands and limestone cliffs, this scenic place of romance thrives in the south of Thailand. With a western coastline of 119 kilometers, 46 beautiful islands contribute to its mainland. Trang River and Palian River flow through the province while quite much of it is hilly and mountainous. It can be clubbed with your visit to Krabi or Bangkok easily.

As the travelers suggest, when in Trang, one ‘Must do’

  • The Dragon cave (Le Khaokob cave)
  •  Beautiful Ko Kradan
  • Admire the Sino-Portuguese architecture
  • Check out the colourful night markets
  • Gorge on the famous Trang Cakes
  • The fantastic “Ko Pee” (ice coffee)
  • Mouth watering DinSum at Baan Tanai
  • Experience its unique transport system and take a ride on the Tuk Tuk. (environment friendly it is)
  • A popular waterfall Namtok Ton Te
  •  Explore the Trang Archipelago at Ko Ngai beach


Indeed, it is a Romantically hitched Valentines Day for couples in Thailand this season


This is my second post in ‘Discovering Thainess’ section.  I promise to bring one or more interesting picks every month.

P.S.  The pictures from the event are from Aso Lori’s album. He is in Trang right now.


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10 thoughts on “Trang in Thailand- An exclusive Romantic destination

  1. What a unique place, i would love to go to Trang. Though i am already married, but i guess, we can re-ignite ourselves by being a part of an event there.

    Thank you for bringing this to us, Manjulika.

    1. Yes, indeed very unique. Yes, its fun to get invitations but heart breaking when you can’t avail the opportunity.

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