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Cancel makes me sad but Uncancel makes me happy again!

I could see that Mum was beaming with happiness. She was so excited to go to Kolkata after twenty one years. Her childhood had been so many stories around Howrah bridge where her cousins lived. Before marriage visit to Kolkata every year was a ritual. She couldn’t be without meeting her Kaka Kaki and their children. After marriage she introduced my Dad to the vibrant city, took him along to show him her roots but gradually with time the visits got spaced over a few years and eventually died down. Yes, everyone got busy. While she had me in her life to take all her attention, even her cousins moved to other cities. The Kolkata chapter began to fade out.

A few months back, her Kaki called up one day and after the conversation Mum declared that she wanted to travel to her most favorite city in the following month when all her cousins would be there too. Dad was quick to book the tickets with the best deals in hand and Mumma was all set to take this homeward journey after years. She brought gifts for everyone, chased everyone who was possibly due to be in Kolkata at that time and got her facials-manicure done. I was very happy to see her do it all. Since I am married and I do not live with her, she would update me on every bit on the phone conversations that we have almost everyday.

But I ruined it all for her. A day before her flight I exerted myself to some mental stress, gradually it took a form of a severe abdomen pain which ultimately led to my collapse in my office. I was hospitalized and the doctors suspected a low blood pressure along with stone problem. Since we live in NCR region, of course my in-laws informed my parents first thing. Mum and Dad rushed to the hospital in the most panicky state. The doctors did not let me return home and I was admitted. In the inebriated state I almost forget Mum had her flight early morning. Ofcourse she opted out of it and did not go because she wanted to be with me. After a few days when things got better I really felt bad for spoiling it all for Mum.

First thing I did was I checked on the flights to Kolkata because there was still a day or two for her cousins to leave the city. First there were hardly any available seats and next I was puzzled to see the sky rocketing rates. Soon I realized that it Durga Puja season and the flights were heavily expensive. I kept telling Mom to take the available flight and go but she chose not to do the trip at all. I had really wished if there was a way when the whole thing could be uncanceled or atleast there was a option where one could uncancel a booked flight and do the journey without having to go through all of it again.

Well, I guess ‘Make My Trip’ heard our prayers and they have come with a travel friendly campaign where they allow to do the whole cancelled trip at the same cost if you want to do it after sometime. There are so many times when things like above happen or we are not able to decide on few things and we just cancel the ticket in hand. Later when we want to do it again, its a hassle to go through the whole process of grabbing the best travel deal, same flights and hotel costs. Uncancel looks promising and it seems to be getting a thumps up from the traveling fraternity. Of course if #UNCANCEL would have been last year, my Mum would have agreed to do her Kolkata trip. Hope I make it happen for her this year soon.


4 thoughts on “Cancel makes me sad but Uncancel makes me happy again!

    1. Thanks so much Priyanka 🙂
      I plan to come along with her… lets see if it happens some day.

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