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Confessions of a Health Freak Night Junkie

Health Freak, Night Junkie

Ok! First things first, I am a night junkie out of necessity rather than choice. Being a content writer, the night bird like lifestyle is a demand of my profession. However, being a career oriented woman, I don’t mind the stringent deadlines, working from home till wee hours and doing graveyard shifts. The only challenge I face with this routine is the challenge of staying fit. I have gone through my phases of binge eating to starving, and ultimately, devising a middle path of eating healthy. I realized with time that following a healthy night lifestyle is vital for good living.


My health freak colleagues became my major inspiration in the process. I realized that healthy munching is important to prevent myself from becoming the easy prey for diseases like diabetes and acidity. 


So here are my healthy night time munching options, that help me stay fit and fine. Along with these healthy snacking options, I also make sure I stay hydrated throughout.  While taking a good care of my water intake, I also ensure that the water is pure. The Kent RO water purifier at my home retains essential nutrients so that I drink healthy and stay fit. In my opinion, you should trust only those RO water purifiers that come with the Mineral RO technology to prevent essential minerals from leaching out of the water during purification.



Go large with fruit salad

Left-over food items in the fridge is something I avoid in the midnight. As they only end up adding more to my calorie intake for the day. Fruits are my best friends for those late-night hunger pangs. But, instead of adding all sugary fruits to my salad bowl, I prefer low-calorie options like watermelon, honeydew, sweet berries, pears, and apples. Such fruits help me stay within the set calorie limit and help me stay guilt free.



Plain Yogurt to cut on sugar content

Whenever boredom is breaking the flow of my work at night, I make sure not to have anything that is high in sugar content. Plain yogurt can stay true to this requirement as it comes without any added sugar or preservatives. It also makes up for the protein intake for mu muscles. As yogurt is also the best stimulator for nighttime muscle regeneration, I stick to it every time I am staying awake till late!



Dry fruits to be loaded with nutrients

Packed with abundant nutrients, dry fruits come with many health benefits to be included in my nighttime snacking option. Dry figs, almonds, pistachios, etc. provide me all essential minerals, proteins and vitamins that are needed to keep cardiovascular diseases at bay and the blood cholesterol in check. I carry the box of dry fruits along while heading for the night shift and spread the message of good health among my colleagues also.



Air popcorn for light snacking

Air-popped popcorns carry with them the secret of good health that is known to a very few people. Low on calories, this midnight snacking option is filling at the same time. As a great source of the anti-oxidant called polyphenol, hot-air popcorn lowers down the risk for heart ailments and cancer. When taken without any fattening topping, air-popped popcorns are truly the delight of every health freak. But as air popcorns are too plain for me, I often look for healthy topping options like cinnamon powder.



Whole wheat sandwich

Sandwiches are all I need to survive on – But, the real benefits of having sandwiches were observed only when I resorted to the whole grain bread option. By stacking healthy veggies and low-fat mayonnaise between the slices of whole wheat bread, I enjoy good health along with a great taste. Such sandwiches are not just easy to make but can be carried easily to the workplace for break-time snacking during graveyard shifts.


Being a midnight junkie is not a choice for me but a necessity. But, being a health freak at the same time is something I enjoy. Only by taking a good care of my health even in the midnight, I can deal with odd sleeping and eating habits effectively.


About the Author

The article is contributed by Kamna Datt,  a senior content writer and a self-confessed night junkie. According to her, her productivity increases post-midnight. Despite her night bird like lifestyle she chooses to stay fit with a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.


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