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Cooking becomes easy and fun with Hamilton Beach

I am not a regular one in the kitchen and there are only few days in a month when I cook. Thank God my hubby is not one among those who believe that their wives are meant to be doing all the cooking and cleaning for the house. In fact he is a better cook than me and there are many occasions when we cook together. We are both foodies, we appreciate different tastes and also we experiment with our culinary skills.  Even my mum-in-law loves watching and learning from Food-Food. No less, we are a food-adoring Punjabi family.

I enjoy cooking but then it holds fun for me only when I have the freedom to experiment. I do not prefer someone guiding me a step by step procedure check. When I cook, I love having the kitchen to myself. In the times of internet, there are some lovely food blogs which are always happy to help. So amongst all the foodie talk, I must confess that I have been doing some cooking these days.  For this, I am sure my family has enough to thank Blogadda and Hamilton Beach who sent me a Party Planner (comprising of Hand Blender and Countertop Oven with Convection and Rotisserie).

OTG – Countertop Oven with Convection and Rotisserie


Stainless Steel Hand Blender

I have a microwave which all options available but honestly I have never been tempted to bake a cake till I got this brand new OTG. Something about it prompts you and puts you in action. In the last post, I did talk about that how I did some cooking along with my Mum and how she absolutely loved Hamilton Beach products. This time I did the cake making on my own. To add to the fun, when I unpacked the hand blender I declared to my husband that I am going to use it for the chopping and blending to make some Kadhi as he is very fond of it.

Hope you read my first post where I made a Vanilla cake, Paneer tikka and Pizzas with my new OTG.

Well, making a cake was a cake-walk because I knew the temperature setting, the ingredients for the batter and time of cooking. This was my second time and thus I felt confident. Earlier I had made a heart shaped cake from the shape of the plate that I had earlier but this time I used the rectangular tray that came with the OTG.  Once again, we got a yummilicious cake to relish.

However, to start with the Kadhi was a little tedious because I was doing it for the first time. Also, my husband was piping much hopes on it.  A number of instructions read on the blogs began to wander in my mind… ‘The yogurt and chickpea flour (Besan) should be in the right proportion.’ ‘Its shouldn’t coagulate but mix properly’. ‘For the pakodas the mixture should be thick and for the Kadhi it must absorb water. ‘

But the moment I did the unpacking of my hand blender, I became super excited and gave up on my worries. The attachments like stainless steel shaft, housing, chopping bowl, wall mount blades, measuring cup, lids with a powerful motor of 600 watts made it all look very gorgeous.

After the unpacking and washing up of the bowls and choppers, first thing that I did was chopping of the onions. In the hurry I almost forgot to click pictures. But it was a smooth ride absolutely.  The motor is impressive and the hands felt absolutely no exertion.  Within a flash of a minute, you have your onion the way you want. To make the Kadhi, I mixed some Yogurt and Chickpea flour keeping an eye on the measurements in the jar. The whisking was a super easy job. The uniformity of the mixture was really good and it gave me confidence and hope  that things would turn out good even though I was making a Kadhi for the first time.

Rest the video will inspire you to do some easy whisking and cooking.

And yes the Kadhi did turn out well. No bragging, seriously hubby said it doesn’t seem you made it for the first time…

Thank you Blogadda and Hamilton!!!

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