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Day 1 as #OYOxplorer : In and around Candolim beach, Goa


Here I begin my story of Day 1 but before that let me tempt you with a Candolim beach picture

Let me start the GOA TRAVEL STORY from where I left yesterday- In Photos: When OYOxplorer traveled from Delhi to Goa!   Along with me two other blogger friends (Ragini and Sammya) boarded the plane from Delhi, while Sujata was supposed to come from Mumbai. At the Goa Airport, our bunch landed first and while we were preparing to head towards the city, I met a famous travel blogger Shivya. It always feels good to meet the faces behind the blogs that I enjoy reading.

Well in sometime, Sujata was with us and our cab driver helped all four of us in enjoying a ride towards Candolim. We were supposed to stay at Ruffles, stamped by OYO rooms. There we met the warm and friendly representative from OYO who explained us about the surprise and fun planned for us in Goa. Believe me, I quite liked the twist of being handed an envelope of some amount and being asked to explore Goa on my own that being taken around by someone. Yes, this blogathon was about traveling on budget and making the best of a trip.

Pina Colada


Goa was hot and humid but this drink made up for everything. It actually charged us all and we were all geared up to go exploring Goa.  Here is the first look of the property and seriously it was pretty pleasing.


The first look of the Ruffles at Candolim beach which is now stamped by OYO rooms


When its Goa, one shouldn’t go about wasting time retiring in the room but soon hit the beaches or the heritage.  Even as a traveler or a blogger, I keep to my room only for the necessary requirements except that I am on the go.


The gadgets of an OYOxplorer


And since it was close to 3 in the afternoon, I was hungry too. We had the money and we had to spend it the way we wanted. (Yes, budget traveling  had suddenly become very important, thanks to OYO rooms)


GOA Travel Story  –  4 bloggers, 4 dishes

On the below right is my Chicken Biryani cooked in Goan style. I quite liked the mint garnishing and the chicken inside. During lunch, we chalked out our plan of exploring Goa. Since half a day was already gone, we decided to stick around Candolim for Saturday and planned Old Goa/Heritage sightseeing, South Goa for Sunday.




As we stepped out, I clicked some pictures of the restaurants around

Food is enticing but when your are full, even then its fun to check out interestingly decorated eating joints. In Goa, there are so many types.  Each one gives a feel that the beach is around.


This was so welcoming, indeed!

If I had little space in my tummy, I would have definitely walked in.


Who wants a fillet steak?


Taxi Stand was just 500 meters away

When we had walked a kilometer on the left, we decided to head to the beach. In Goa, its tough to stay away from the beautiful waves.


On the way to the Candolim Beach, Goa this restaurant wall picture caught my attention!


Candolim- The beach-huts, the glowing sand, blue sky and the amazing waves


The picture says…. Lets hit the beach

Candolim beach is in the North of Goa. It is one of the longest beaches in the state and its so beautiful and peaceful.


I am scared of water and don’t know swimming but yet the sight of the beach makes me immensely happy!


Making impressions on the wet sand is the work of the child in me Candolim is just North of Mandovi river


The best shot at the Candolim beach! This babe was busy making sand dunes


The girls were enjoying the evening


The Sun and the Grey clouds played with other during the Sunset


We prayed for the rains and the monsoon did hit Goa that night

The sun looked so beautiful in Goa before it was calling a day!


When we returned from the beach, we had fun in the swimming pool


This OYO property had not one but two swimming pools.  We did catch some fun here before heading out for dinner. It was relaxing and thrilling though I hardly know how to swim but I like the feeling of being half in the pool.

After taking a small break, we were headed out on the roads yet again. This time we walked with the intention to go to Calungate beach but since it was a long walk, we soon got enticed by the eateries around. As OYOxplorers we curiously looked around, went inside the eateries, checked the ambiance and menu. This was true fun!



Awarded Restaurant! Torq Fisherman’s Cove Bar and Restaurant Goan Starter Mushroom Masala Rava Fry


After exploring a few around and walking for a long stretch, we settled for Fisherman’s cove because the ambiance looked too inviting. The music that was flowing inside was adding to the Goan thrill. It was a packed house. We waited for sometime before getting the Menu on our table. By this time, my phone camera gave up and I could not manage the pictures of the dishes. I ordered some chicken wings too along with the Goan starter. The other bloggers picked their taste and together we chilled out till 11:30 p.m.

At night we winded up the day by celebrating Ragini’s birthday in the OYO room. Here is a glimpse of it.

Here is the small bite that added to our celebration The selfie of four of us L to R: Sujata, M, Ragini and Sammya

Happy Traveling!!!





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    1. You will have to come to India for that Alok… But for now You and Saru do travel together and that makes two bloggers, No? 🙂

  1. I had been to goa just a week ago! N u described it wonderfully here ….giving the readers a real peek a boo on the fun ! Awesome! Keep going!

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  4. Nice blog. I liked your blog so much. I always wanted to stay some time in Goa but now these lovely information make my trip more interesting and awesome.

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