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Dear Zindagi and ‘My Jugs’!

Dear Zindagi, Jugs

Dear Zindagi,

Thank you for giving me both ‘beautiful’ and ‘handsome’ JUGS in my life.



Who is a JUG?

Everyday we meet different kinds of people but some just stay with us forever even if we do not meet them everyday.

They never say they are there but you know they are always there.

They do not preach, they practice a way of living life.

They do not say much but they simply inspire.

They laugh on your face but they fight the world for you. 

They are not just friends, they are boon companions.

They are rare but they are there – They are just like ‘JUG’ in Dear Zindagi. 


Dear Zindagi-Review
Dear Zindagi and My jugs!!



One special JUG!!


We met in Lucknow!

Before we knew each other, we had already struck a beautiful chord of friendship.

We never went to school together, nor we bunked college.

We hardly shopped together nor we hung around like girls of our age.

She was working as an HR and I was working as an engineer in the same company.

We clicked along well. 

She was sporty and adventurous,  I was a bookworm and nerd. 

We were different, extremely contrast!

She had just begun to learn to shoot with the guns and I had just begun to play with my words.

Everyday she would tell me her early morning horse riding, swimming, shooting stories and I would tell her about the blogs and stories that I had written previous night.

We worked in different sections of the office, worked 9 to 6, but whenever we met we only talked about our dreams, our passion.

We discussed about our insecurities and anxieties.

We talked about our moments of highs and lows.

We knew we were doing great but we knew our heart was not here.

We wanted to do something different in our lives. 

We wanted to follow our passions.

We knew we had to be strong enough to believe in ourselves.

We knew we had to be ready to face rejections.

We knew things were tough but we had the zeal to fight it out.

We knew we would do it someday, all that we wanted someone to trust in us. 

She laughed at my face but she inspired me to be really strong.

Of all the things, I adored her free-spirited nature absolutely.

I loved the way she handled too many things in her hand.

I always found her a combination of beauty, brains and bravery and I was always in awe of her.

I really don’t know what she thought of me but I knew I was scared of too many things in life.

I always had a list of things that I was worried about and she wouldn’t even mention them.

She only talked about her goal while I was still unsure many a times.

Before we became ‘best friends forever’, we were already off to different cities.

We kept in touch through technology and we ensured we kept on holding to our dreams. 

We encouraged each other and supported through the lows.

When she finally accomplished her dream and got through the uniformed services, I was the happiest on the Earth.

Her accomplishment spoke of her strength and her true belief. This is where I got my courage.

We met after an year just where we had left.

She wasn’t the same but a free bird now.

Whenever I needed to confide in her, I knew she had all the time for me.

Whenever I had to decide on major things in my life, she acted on one rather siding with one. 

Whenever I had to cry and shed tears,  she was always there.

When I am low, I know I can think of her and be inspired.

When I have to laugh, I know I can call her.

In all these years, we have been connected, we have been bonded.

We have supported each other for every important decision in our life.

We have traveled near and far to meet each and other.

We have been for each other.

She is just a call away. 

She is always there for me!!!



am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda.



2 thoughts on “Dear Zindagi and ‘My Jugs’!

  1. There is only one person who actually wrote for me….but never about me….thanks for being there with me throughout ….love you :*

  2. Hey Manjulika , Your Jug is such an Alchemist. As usual your Prose has turned into a Poem. Yesss…that much Passionate .

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