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Unboxing Foozy – Foodie and Crazy in Gurgaon

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Today, lets unbox Foozy!

When I say I love discovering new food and flavors, how can I keep away from the trendy food delivery apps and websites. Gurgaon aka Gurugram happens to be the buzz place for most of them. Why? Because this is where people need it the most. With thousands of offices sprouting everyday and number of employees multiplying exponentially every month, the need for good food, home-made food, healthy food and not-heavy-on-the-wallet food has become a necessity. In our busy schedules and PG life, there are days when we have to skip cooking food. And looking at our changing eating habits, we easily get bored of the monotonous menu. As I see it, food must entice and energize both. Thankfully, there are people who are crazy about food and have been quick in identifying the need of others too. The delivery services are growing in fast. The latest one that I have tried my hands at is FOOZY and it looks promising to the core! 



Foozy, Food delivery options in Gurgaon
The pretty packaging. Neat and Colorful



Foodie + Crazy makes FOOZY


Now before we do the unboxing of the colorful and sturdy boxes, I must tell you that it wasn’t easy to pick my choices. The menu isn’t complicated but every option looked appetizing to my eyes. I must say they have a very smooth ordering process. Open the Site. Enter the area in Gurgaon and make your choices from six interesting categories. I bet the food pictures will make you hungry and your taste-buds will go on a high.  Personally, I did not stop till I had checked all the specialties of the day. Yes, day is important because there isn’t a fixed menu and the surprise element remains constant whenever you login next. They have an app too. 



The categorization is simple, sorted and self-explanatory.

Whats Trending

Big Plates

Small Plates

Beverages and Salads


Sugar Rush



Foozy Menu, Restaurant Review
Foozy Menu



Good food makes me weak in my knees. And while I was deciding what to order, I could envision some delightful food for the evening. Keeping in with the vegeteranian choices of my family and non-vegeteranian for me, I went for a combination of big plates, small plates and between breads. I got swayed away with ‘Whats trending’. We make our own salads every day, thus I sidelined them. Mom-in-law has been advised to keep away from sugar and thus I did not even look at them. (I do not have  a sweet-tooth and thus I can totally do that.)



Here is what I ordered and the pictures that you will get to see!

FOOZY‘s Special Chataka Misal Pav

Irresistible Risotto in Tomato and Mascarpone Cheese Sauce.

Special Veg Shashlik

Cottage Cheese in Black pepper sauce with Garlic Noodles

Luscious Pan Seared Fish with Side Vegetables, peri peri Potato

Chunky Chicken Roulade with Slurpy Spaghetti Feast



When we ordered from FOOZY
Finally the boxes arrived in Faridabad 



Food was delivered in Gurgaon and consumed in Faridabad.


There is nothing like eating sumptuous food in the comforts of your home. And if home is in Faridabad, you can still eat from Foozy just that someone must be working in Gurgaon. I usually have an easy access to Gurgaon. Hubby is in town these days and his office is at a pivotal point in Gurgaon. The food was delivered at his workplace and he drove home with those beautiful boxes. See its quite simple to have a no-cooking day evening even in Faridabad. My family was already looking forward to these interesting combinations which I had kept as a surprise. Yes, we are all big time foodies, blame it to the Punjabi surname.



We all got unboxing the food packets. My mom-in-law specifically pointed out that the boxes looked very colorful. I was so hungry that I only did some phone photography and did not even make an attempt to pick my camera. (Well, I know the pictures are not great but trust me they are authentic) The food looked super tempting and it was very easy to microwave the food trays. One by one we warmed up all the food and sat down to eat it piping hot.



Misal Pao, Foozy, Gurgaon, Order Food
The comforting flavours of Misal Pao



Paneer Tikka , Foozy, Gurgaon
Paneer Tikka never fails to entice



Misal pav is a popular maharashtrian on-the-go street food. As the name goes, Misal Pao was indeed chataka. The Paos were fresh, soft and nicely layered with butter. Misal was a spicy curry. It was nicely decorated and topped with chiwda mix, sev, onions, lemon and coriander. It definitely made us crave for more.


Paneer Shashlik was prepared in subtle spices but great flavors. The cottage cheese was fresh, juicy and succulent. The Vegetarians in my family were quick to finish it even before I realized.



Risotto, Foozy, Online Food in Gurgaon
Irresistible Risotto



Cottage Cheese, Garlic Noodles, Foozy
Cottage Cheese in Black Pepper Sauce with Garlic Noodles



For the uninitiated I must tell you that risotto is a very simple and interesting dish. It is north Italian rice dish cooked in a broth to a creamy consistency.  Irresistible Risotto stood for its name. It was delicious. The spices were just perfect and the combination of rice and cheese melted away in the mouth. I would call it one of the best that I have tasted recently. Most of the restaurants have failed to impress me with their risotto dish.



Cottage Cheese in Black Pepper Sauce with Garlic Noodles was one from the Big Plates. Every thing was rightly placed in its designated  sections. The carrots and cauliflower were pickled. The curry was comforting. Noodles had the right spices. Trust me, by this time I was totally taken in by FOOZY flavors.



Chunky Chicken Roulade with Slurpy Spaghetti Feast
Chunky Chicken Roulade with Slurpy Spaghetti Feast



Chicken with peanuts
Chicken with peanuts



Now, it was time to unbox the non-veg platters. I had ordered a fish and a chicken dish thinking one wouldn’t be suffice but I must mention the ‘Big Plates’ are enough for one person. The chicken was fresh and nicely prepared with peanuts. I am not very fond on peanuts in food but this one tasted nice. What I really liked about Foozy is that they had put a healthy combination. There was salads and noodles along with the chicken to balance the intake of carbs, proteins and fibre. The portions were good. 



And I will give full marks to the Luscious Pan Seared Fish with Side Vegetables, peri peri Potato. I believe everyone loves their dish differently, therefore I really can’t assure that you will also like it but I loved it. The fish had no bones and it was very easy to eat it all. It was soft and fresh. The curry along with it was lip-smacking. Even the potato wedges made a great combination with the fish which usually has no taste of its own.



Foozy, Restaurant Review, Gurgaon, Online Ordering
Luscious Pan Seared Fish with Side Vegetables, peri peri Potato



Foozy, Restaurant Review, Gurgaon, Online Ordering
A closer look at the Delectable Fish



I had a reviewers’s invitation from FOOZY but all my views are unbaised.  A few things that I did point out to the owners are as below

  1. The delivery took more than an hour. For this I wouldn’t blame them because Gurgaon traffic is unpredictable.
  2. Separate spoons and fork should be given with each dish.  But that’s okay because we had enough at home.



Another good part of the whole thing was that the maid was also very happy next day. She dint have to clean the utensils. We had opened our boxes, microwaved them and eaten from them. Hardly any utensils had been used except the spoons.

I would rate on 8 on 10 to Foozy for the food, flavors and easy pricing. All of our six boxes came within Rs. 1500. Next time when you are looking for an alternate option for online ordering in Gurgaon, do go for them and drop in here to talk about your experience. We must never forget to share our opinions.


A little About Foozy 
Foozy is a travel food brand, we make people travel the world with their taste buds. We have weekly rotating menu, which inculcates regional and international delicacies 
Foozy is a food-tech-startup based in Gurgaon, where the dedicated kings and queens of obsessive gastronomy have gotten together to whip up pure and unadulterated food pleasure for you. Sourcing from their passion and love for food, and from travels around the world and India, they will deliver to your doorstep interesting and personally curated meals that will be memorable and delicious.


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