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Here is Your Chance to Gallop Around Haldighati

Haldighati Heritage Run


Haldighati, 40 kms from the city of Udaipur is known across the globe for its significant historical repute as well as the turmeric-colored yellow soil of the area. The battlefield gets its character from the epic battle of 1576 where chivalrous ‘Maharana Pratap of Mewar’ had come face to face with the notorious Mughal force of Akbar, led by Man Singh I.  This battlefield was included as an important lesson in our history books not only because it was a ferocious war fought between heroic soldiers but also because Chetak, the most loyal and gallant horse of Maharana Pratap had breathed his last. The story has lived through eternal times because it is exemplary of beautiful bond of love and friendship between man and animal. Before dying, Chetak had ensured that he had dropped Maharana Pratap at a safe location.


Unique and interesting ideas always excite me and they grab a space on my blog too. Last week, I received a mail around Haldighati Heritage Run and in no time I was intrigued to know more about it. I thought it was yet another CSR activity but as I read about it, I quite liked the idea of organizing a marathon around a famous historical site. Such initiatives help to value history and respect the forgotten heroes of India. More, this marathon will not only inspire people to take up sprinting for health benefits but also realize the local richness of their surroundings. Last but not the least, history buffs like will be compelled to brush through history lessons to know more about the battle that makes a glorious chapter in the history of India.




Run to Breathe, Heritage Run
Battlefield of Haldighati



Haldighati Heritage Run is part of the Vedaan Run To Breathe Run series in association with Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). For the uninitiated, I must tell you that tourists who visit Udaipur definitely find their way to Haldighati. The landscape makes for a mountain pass in the Aravalli Ranges connecting Rajsamand and Pali districts. This marathon route promises a historic and scenic route via Haldighati Pass, Chetak Memorial, Rakht Talai and Badshahi Baug.  This deadly combination of health and history will definitely go a long way. Don’t forget to send me some pictures if you do decide to take part in this marathon. 


Running is in vogue!  Marathon is on my ‘to-do’ list too.


Welcome to running! It has become trendy these days. Looking at the kind of lifestyle we maintain for the busy days of the week, it is very important to be fit and healthy. Honestly, I have never done a marathon. Last I remember doing an 800 meter race during athletic meet in school. I always feel running is not my cup of tea and my fitness level is not up to the mark. But somewhere I feel an urge to take part in a marathon some day. It may sound crazy, but I’d like to do it some time next year. I have already ticked a goal for this year and I am quite positive about this one too. I always had a fear that I can never do a steep climb due to my ankle fracture but last month when I did my first big trek to Tiger Nest in Bhutan, I was both surprised and proud of myself. It felt great to do the undone. Though I always say that I am a traveler who loves my comfort zone, I have also come to realize the importance of  pushing oneself to take up some adventurous thrills. Marathon is definitely on my mind. And while I am setting up my marathon goals, here are few tips for a beginner marathoner.



Haldighati Heritage Run, Rajasthan 9th October, 2016
Haldighati Heritage Run


Well, I am no expert for this but yes I did ask my friend to drop some tips for first time Marathoner!


  • One doesn’t get up and just say that I will take part in the marathon. It is important to work on a daily mileage. 
  • Small runs can be done with 1 week training but for the big runs, one needs to start preparing early.
  • Combine your training with right amount of hydration and nutrition.
  • Grab the most comfortable shoes on the Earth but don’t save them for the marathon day. 
  • Listen to your body and take things slowly. 
  • Regular running demands a change in lifestyle, eating and sleeping patterns. Be ready to take that up.
  • First few marathons are not about time goals but about experience.
  • It is extremely important to be physically and mentally pepped up to take up the marathon.




Haldighati Heritage Run in Rajasthan at 9th October, 2016


As per your fitness level, you can choose from  2.5 KM , 5 KM , 10 KM , 21 KM distance. 18 years and above is the eligibility to participate.If you are around Udaipur or have friends there, don’t forget to go for it. The marathon will take place from 6 AM – 1 PM. The venue is 40 Kms from Udaipur, 14Kms from Nathdwara and approx. 300Kms from Jaipur/Ahmedabad



Happy Running!!!

Don’t forget to tell me your experience of running your first marathon!




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