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4 Days And All About My Fun On The Streets Of Paris

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A friend is in Paris these days and I am absolutely loving her every hour Instagram updates. Trust me Paris has that amazing charm which rules over your mind and soul. This legendary city makes you dream of all of it together- love, romance, culture, food, fashion, history and beautiful buildings in neoclassical style. Whenever a friend will post a picture with the Eiffel tower, you will always want to go back there again and again. 



The queue to go to the top of Eiffel Tower

                                           The queue to make it to the top of Eiffel Tower. I was somewhere there too!



 Photos, Visit Paris, Travel with me in Paris
Paris and its buildings- you will love it!



So now when nostalgia has taken over me strongly, I am running through my old pictures. Next moment I see myself  time traveling in the past.  I can smell the aroma wafting from the patisseries and can feel the impressive Iron lady, Eiffel tower chasing me everywhere in the city. I am missing that afternoon stroll around Champs Elysées exploring those fancy cafés and posh boutiques. And that iconic 50 meter arc at the Arc de Triomphe reminds me of the picture with the Parisian school kids. The picture of the Siene river has my own romantic moments of the Paris summers and of all those lovely attractions in the capital city, I am reminded Louvre still happens to be my favorite museum. It looks so gigantic and magnificent all over again.



Arc de Triomphe, Paris, street photography, Travel blogger

Arc de Triomphe—An iconic architecture dedicated to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars.



Triumphal Arch, Paris, Travel with me, With school kids
In Paris, with the school kids at the Arc de Triomphe



Paris trip came as a sweet surprize

Six months in my marriage, when my Bali hangover was yet not over, my husband surprised me by asking me to join him in Sweden.  Until I was there I had no clue we were going to Paris and Switzerland soon. I was instantly in love with the whole idea of traveling in Europe and  did not take a minute in whispering those magical words, Je t’aime. There I tell you I am not to be blamed, its my husband who has induced the ‘love for travel’ in me.



Notre Dame, Travel blogger, Indian traveler
The streets around Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris




Beautiful Paris Summer!


Paris has an endless array of attractions to do. 4 days are less but definitely enough to give one awesome Parisian experience. I will give a brief on all that I did in the four days. The best part was just strolling around. Everything around just fills you with romance and love. Paris has one of the best  Métro or Métropolitain (French: Métro de Paris) and we used it extensively. Buying a 3 days pass worked best for us. Since it is one of the oldest, some of stations did stink and were badly maintained. I heard they were due to get spring cleaning. Hope that has been done. (I am not sure)

What all we did ?

My hotel was around  Le Jaures-cafe and it was quite a busy street. After a long day here and there, we would walk around to grab our dinner around the place.

You have to visit the tallest structure and most iconic sight of Eiffel Tower in all of Paris. The twilight ride up  to the Eiffel Tower in the night is one experience not to be missed.

Notre Dame cathedral on the island called Ille de la Cité is a must see and we did it too.

On the right banks of the Siene river,stands Arc de Triomphe. Its construction took about 30 years in total. The arch speaks of history, war and sacrifice for the country.

The museum that houses the famous painting of Monalisa and much more around Parisian history. Louvre sees a huge foot fall almost everyday and it needs a dedicated day to do justice to it more than 35000 valuables  inside. 

We went around the  famous road junction in Paris- Place Charles de Gaulle also known as “Square of the Star”. 12 roads around it and it is one of the most busiest place in Paris.



LE JAURES-Paris-Photography
Le Jaures-cafe was very close to my hotel





Beautiful surroundings and sculptures in Paris
Beautiful surroundings and buildings in Paris




River Siene, Love, Romance, Paris
Beautiful River Siene




I cherish those moments of strolling around the streets


Walking is a wonderful way to explore Paris. The more you are open to walking, the more you gonna discover in the capital city. Every nook and cranny has something to catch your fancy. Metro stations connect you everywhere and then one can easily walk around.  The streets of Paris actually help you see the city alive, vibrant, friendly and buzzing.

I do not remember all the streets of Paris with their names  (the ones we visited ) but of course the pictures that I found in my closet did help me to do a virtual trip to Paris. I did this post to share some of them.  Hope you will enjoy them.



Patissier, Boulanger, Artisan, Paris streets, Food in Paris
The bakeries and their aromas pull you in. Opposite Le Jaures



Street photography-Paris summers
One of the streets in Paris




Macdonalds in Paris,Selfie in Paris
I ended up grabbing a burger at the Mac donald behind



Ville la Grand,Paris, Summers
The street around my hotel- Ville la Grand, Annemasse, France



Place Charles de Gaulle (originally named Place de l'Étoile), Paris, junction, street
Place Charles de Gaulle— Picture clicked from Arc de Triomphe



Paris streets, Roads, Travel blogger, India and Paris
There are shops on the streets too



Neoclassical buildings of Paris
An another street of Paris




Paris is gorgeous

If you have visited Paris and are already nostalgic about your own trip, do drop in a comment. If Paris is a dream trip for you, let me know what is one thing that attracts you most about Paris.

 Happy Traveling!!!

I promise more blogs around Paris soon.

Je t’aime (a French phrase meaning “I love you”)


7 thoughts on “4 Days And All About My Fun On The Streets Of Paris

  1. So many memories came to my mind reading your blog… Aptly captured the spirits of this beautiful place…one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

  2. I’ve been waiting to go to Paris for a long time now. Glad that you enjoyed your time there 🙂 Love your pics.

    New Post on the blog – BIBA Festive Collection

  3. What great photos!
    I’ve never been to Paris but Boy used to live there and he says it is his favourite city in the world. He told me to mention the Shakespeare and Company Bookshop near Notredame cathedral – it’s been there for more than 50 years and travellers could actually stay there if they did some work each day. Amazing for book lovers.
    I hope I can go one day as well…..

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