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The Lazy Sunday Brunch at La Brise, Goa

La Brise, Candolim Beach, Goa, Manjulika Pramod

La Brise, Goa, Candolim Beach, Travel Blogger

Today, on this humid Sunday in Delhi, I am reminded of this special day in Goa! What could be better than blogging about it to relive the memories of the day.

La Brise, Sunday in Goa, Lunch at the beach
La Brise- At the main entrance

In Goa, you must do this at least once.


A Lazy Sunday Afternoon Brunch at La Brise, Candolim Beach!

The place calls itself,  ‘The perfect sunset lounge in Goa for you to unwind, revive, and !’

True it is!

La Brise, Sunday in Goa, Brunch, Candolim Beach
La Brise- the facade 
I loved these decorations too- La Brise
I picked on these decorations- La Brise

Goa, again and again!

We all love this pretty place- Goa in India and Goa means much more than just one thing- party, fun, beach, shack, relax, sun, sand, cashews, fenny, Portuguese, sight-seeing, sea-food, etc.  Goa has been gracious to me and we have known each other since I was five. I had visited it for the first time with my parents.  No less, in the last two years I have visited it more than four times and every time I have been there, it has never failed to arrest me with its charms and glories. There is something amazing about its beaches, culture, food, local ambiance that promises great caliber of experience.

Candolim Beach in Goa, Travel blogger, Five things to do in Goa
Candolim Beach in Goa

All About my experience at La Brise

I ate the delectable dishes from the live counter,  picked my favorite from the buffet, walked and lazed around the beach, talked out loud with fellow bloggers/friends, sang with the live karoake and drank my heart out. All of this, I did at La Brise and you can do it too. La Brise is one-of-its-kind uber chic lounge space in Goa and is absolutely different from the shack experience. This Novotel property on the candolim beach is impressive because it pampers one with live music,  airy interiors and mesmerizing sea view. The ambiance is one that talks of class and luxury. No less, its got that stylish and plush decor. I absolutely loved the huge deck that opens out to the sand and beach. The large sofas are enticing. Together it all promises a warm and cozy afternoon and a romantic sunset-watching in the evening.

Spicy Watermelon shooters, Drinks in Goa, What to do in Goa
Spicy Watermelon shooters
Buttermilk, Salads, Goa, Candolim Beach
Who drinks buttermilk in Goa— That is unique me!
Chicken Tikka was yum, tantalizing food in Goa, La brise, Travel blogger
Tantalizing Chicken Tikka

We had an option of both- the Sunday brunch as well as the A la Carte. The live counters caught my attention first and I was tempted to make my way just where some chicken tikka, fish fry, prawns and lamb were being fried to our taste. Just next to it one could order pasta of their own liking. I ordered some veg pasta in red sauce and grabbed a plate of chicken tikkas. Look at the plate below, it looks yum. Later, I went for some lamb kebabs and fish on my table too. A vegetarian friend was seated next to me and thus I tasted the cottage cheese and vegetable noodles too. Another friend ordered garlic butter prawns and I loved that too. Overall the food was great.

Chilly Paneer-La Brise Goa, Fun place, shack experience
Cottage Cheese
Delectable food in Goa-La Brise
Delectable food in Goa-La Brise

All the seats under the covered area were occupied. Almost everyone could be seen enjoying the music, food and ambiance. The karoake was fun to me because I love bollywood numbers and they were doing the peppy numbers. Some old engish songs were also played. One of the tables had a bunch of friends and they were dancing to every number. It was quite entertaining to see them dancing carefree.  No less, we were also enjoying our conversations over the good food. When I had eaten much, I decided to go for a walk towards the beach. There were long sofas placed just outside the covered section of the hotel. They looked attractive and made for a great seating arrangement on the beach. The view of the sea was  gorgeous as always. Candolim is a clean beach and I enjoyed walking bare foot. After hanging around in the sun for sometime, it was time to return and have some more food.

La brise on the Candolim- As it looks from the beach side
Long Sofas outside the La Brise

I went around to have a look at the buffet. The spread was lavish and had a variety of flavors to offer. It was good to see Goan rice and a few more dishes from the Goan belt. I could not resist eating the Biryani because I am a rice-lover. Later, the waffles with the chocolate sauce could just not be ignored. This dessert was heavenly. Though Goa makes the place for beer and parties, I really can’t comment on the cocktails because I am a non-drinker. While I hogged on the food, I ordered an orange juice, lemonade and buttermilk.   (My love for buttermilk is universal- From Bangkok to Goa)

My plate, Food in Goa, Great fun on the beach

In Goa, the best of food and drinks happened to me close to the sands of Candolim beach. The visit was a part of bloggers-meet but I would love to return to this place for lovely food, for the walk by the beach, for the amazing ambiance and for the lovely sunset view.

Pasta in Red Sauce
Pasta in Red Sauce
My Plate, Fish, Lamb, Chicken
My Plate

Yes, the place is pricey but it definitely offers a unique experience. The fantastic setting by the beach and good food makes up for everything.Definitely makes for a special day, romantic date, get together with family or birthday celebration. It has won the best lifestyle restaurant in Goa award too.  I would recommend one must go to this place just before lunch time and hang around the place till sunset. The dinner in the low lights outside, close to the beach can be a great idea too but I am yet to do that. Maybe I will do that with hubby someday. 

Noodles, La Brise,
Noodles at La Brise
Waffles- This was heavenly
Waffles with chocolate sauce

Happy Blogging!!

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